Working on a documentary on Travis Pastrana. Our Canadian brother Ryan Gibb just got back from shooting Travis at a motorcycle race in Austria. This photo is from a rally car race in Oregon a few weeks ago.

Doing a Fuel TV spot with Fuzzy and Cam White in the middle of nowhere Utah. Today we scouted. This is the Place. Producer Rickie McFarland out standing in the field.


Worked on the Nacho Libre doc today, but managed to get an old man session on the mini as well.


Got these in the mail the other day. Double checked everything. Menus look good. Cover looks good. many thanks to Plexifilm

day one of Tim and Steve's blog so we are going a bit crazy.
Here is a holga photo of Joe Bennion from Spring City, Utah.
I did a film about him in 1991 and I am about re-release it on DVD.

Pat Wilkins from NE

Joey from Tugboat Gallery.
He put on a amazing art show with the money going to building a skatepark in Lincoln
went to NE for a screening and art auction

our lovely host

About 200 folks showed up for the film