We spent the day yesterday on the salt flats doing spot number 2 of this round of Fuel on air promotions. This one featured nigel sylvester doing his thing in the surreal atmosphere of mlle marker 10 on i80 west.


I am in Zwolle, in The Netherlands at lego world shooting for Ethan. Some pretty crazy constructions here. It's inspiring to see people so passionate and dedicated to their hobby. I'm here for a few days, then my wife and I will have a few days vacation in Amsterdam.


“Freedom of Space” our film about street skateboarding/public space played at the STREET ZINEMA film festival in San Sebasti├ín, Spain. It is an honor to play in such a hip film festival that celebrates street culture. Click on this link and you can watch the whole film on your own personal computer. Enjoy.


It looks like a band photo, but it's not. Steve, Nigel and Keith, post session. Brooklyn NY.

Mikey Aitken BMX 1998 from oi documentary services on Vimeo.

Mikey took a bad fall and is in the hospital right now. Go to the 5050 site to make a donation. Steve and I threw this video together of old footage steve shot of mikey when he was 15 years old. Get well soon Brother.


Finishing up the Nigel Sylvester Firsthand in Barcelona, Spain. Nigel is here with the Nike BMX team shooting their video. This town in unbelievable in many many ways. We filmed and rode all day in downtown and did not kicked out of a single spot and the spots are amazing. Also on the trip are Mike Spinner, Dennis Enarson, Garrett Reynolds, shooter Glenn P. P. Milligan and Nike team manager/photographer Mark Losey. (photos: Nigel by the sea and Mark shooting Dennis Enarson)


While in New York City we are staying with the Bennion girls in Brooklyn. A very New York setup, tonight there will be 7 of us staying in this 2 bedroom apartment. All of Nigel’s friends are super impressed that we are staying in Crown Heights. In this photo Louisa is showing us her Brian Kershisnik painting and the painting of Brian she did as a kid. Thanks Bennions sisters.


Another good day in New York City with Nigel and his friends.