Along the lines of old skate photos... I'm pretty sure this is the only photo in existence of me skating in my high school days. We were video taping ourselves constantly, but very rarely did any of us take photos. My Friend Dave Brewer took this picture i'm guessing Late '89.
At any rate, Steve and I are doing some skate spots for FUEL tv. One of them is with Mike Watt. The first time I ever met watt in person was when I approached him about doin' the minutemen doc. He said something to me that I'll never forget. He said "I never used a skateboard, but I always try to play my bass the way a skateboarder rides his board". Blew my mind.


Printing like crazy for the "Nothing to Say" show.
I'm showing my photographs and Noelle is showing her works in fabric.
Gallery One Ten
april 2-20
opening reception April 6th 6 to 9pm
Severin Bozung on Piano
gallery one ten/110 south 300 west/provo, utah


Steve and I spent the last few days shooting at the Roxy Chicken Jam. Thanks to Dave, Shawn and Scott from Fuel TV. Got to see the Kotsenbergs again too. Here's a shot of little kira Kotsenberg.


Cass Barney is a good friend and a world class artist. She just recently started a blog that should be a cool look into the mind of very creative person. Check it out. This photo is when she tagged our garden fence right before she and her family moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. She is married to Dan Barney, Dan is an amazing artist too. They are in Canada while Dan get his Ph.D.


Since we are doing some skateboard spots, I had better give some background.
I like skating bowls and stuff like that.
I skate regular and I push mongo---I’m sorry!

Just spent 3 days writing in this chair.
Is writing ever easy?
Working with Fuel on some skateboard spots.
Got it done, feels good, clean up.
Relax this weekend.
It will be a fun project.
Thanks Big O.


THE END courtesy of RANCH EXIT
Last night at 1:00 AM while while clicking from photograper to artist to graphic designer to this to that to what-not, I ran into THIS


Noelle and I are going to have a show at Gallery One Ten in Provo in a month. Here is a temporary postcard for us to take to tonight's opening. I am showing my documentary photography (aka snapshots) and Noelle is showing her purses, aprons, and clothes that she designs. She can make anything. Once we were watching "Old Yeller" and when Old Yeller gets hurt our 6 year old, Maia, said I wish Mommy was in this movie she would sew up Old Yelller.


Another trip for Jawbreaker is done. Went to NYC this time to hang out with Blake. He did a marathon session with us, about 10 hours worth. Very inspiring and thoughtful stuff. Now that we have footage with all three guys we will start to piece it together and try to discover what holes need to be filled. Huge thanks to Blake for his words.