We have been filming more of Fuzzy’s Firsthand for Fuel TV. Had a great session with Rooftop, Fuzzy and Jamie Bestwick at Matt Berringer’s backyard trails.


Another shot of Jeff Chase at the ramp in Torrey, Utah. We shot a Fuel TV commercial on this ramp.

We got a couple of wide angle adapters for the HVX. posted some test footage here
Used it for the first time for real on the torry ramp shoot. Will post some footage of that soon.


Last year I did some editing for a film by Chris Cutri. It was about the over-commercialization of surf culture. It's a tricky topic to be sure. You can substitute the surf culture with skate culture, punk rock, or any subculture, with time and market forces at work, there's no stopping the co-opting of these things. I tend to take the perspective of Mike watt when he said, "people are always asking me 'What do you think of this new pop punk?' ...I don't hold it against people, everyone can't be born at the same time...The real question is what is to be done where your at, and how are you gonna do it?" The DVD is now available at the website. There's a trailer on Youtube.


Skier J painting the other side of the ramp for the Fuel TV spot.


Jeff Chase.
The ramp in Torrey, Utah.


skating good
filming good
more photos later


Torrey, Utah
After Lunch Sunday
Skier J painting


Skier J starts painting in the morning. Here are his rough sketches of what he is going to paint.

on thursday it looked like this.

today it looked like this.

Jeff on the extension

Skier J, Foot jam

Steveo, moment of glory.
tomorrow Skier J paints, we skate. Monday is the epic mini ramp session.
Noon Saturday
Torrey, Utah
The ramp for the Fuel TV spot.
It will be done in a few hours.


Torrey, Utah end of day Friday.
Decks framed in.
Plywood down.
Coping half on.
Tommow ramp will be done.
Jay starts painting too.
Monday the big session.
It's all good.
Mid-day Friday, Torrey, Utah.
The ramp for the Fuel TV spot.
We have had rain, wind and snow.
Jeff, Tim, Bob and Doug are making it happen.

End of day Thursday, Torrey, Utah.
The ramp we are building for the Fuel TV spot. Shot of Tim.
Jeff Chase from Omaha, Nebraska, master ramp builder/skateboarder.
Jeff is building the ramp for the Fuel Tv spot. We met Jeff in Nebraska while filming our documentary about skateboarding and public space “Freedom of Space.” (Nebraska is a very cool place we met so many cool people there--skaters, artists and musicians)
Torrey, Utah
Tim stand on the cliff above the site of the ramp for the Fuel TV spot we are making.
We will be here for a week---building, painting, and skating.


Sunday morning I got a message from our friend Joey Lynch. Joey is an artist we met in Lincoln, Nebraska while shooting skateboarding, anyway Joey said he was on tour with Bright Eyes and he could get us tickets. I am a fan of Bright Eyes so I said Yes, please, thank you very much Joey. Anyway it took a while to figure out why Joey was on tour with Bright Eyes. We hooked up with Joey before the show and told us he was doing the artwork that would projected on screen behind the musicians. The show was amazing and Joey’s work was brilliant. He projected candles, colored fur balls, 16 mm film prints, flowers, colored wires, food coloring, his art work, and he drew with markers while Conor Oberst was singing his heart out. The projection was not just pictures in the background it was huge and magnified the mood of the music. It also doubled as the spotlight on the musicians. It was one of the best shows I have seen in years, and it was excellent to see Joey at work.
Thanks Joey for the hook up.

Wrapped up shooting for the 1st fueltv skate spot yesterday with Ben and Kordell. Here's ben, nosegrab blunt on a rock. Kordell frontside rocked that rock! Tomorrow we start shooting the next skate spot, near torrey, UT.