Lately I have had a few interactions with real negative people in my life and it really gets me down. So when you meet someone that is positive and has some sunshine it their soul it such a treat. Nigel is that way. I think of one of my hero growing up, Bob Hedrick, he was a super positive person that was quick to smile and always lifted you up. Bob always found beauty in life, he just ruled. So we are all smiles here in New York working with such a peaceful guy like Nigel.
(iPhone photo: The first thing we shot in NYC was Nigel getting his haircut by his barber Pepa in Queens)


Following Nigel through the streets of New York City in the middle lane going the wrong way on a one way street it hard to get this song out of your head...


Las Vegas, Nevada.
OK, We just started a Firsthand with street BMXer Nigel Sylvester from Queens, New York. After the trade show in Las Veags it is off to New York City and then Barcelona, Spain. He is an amazing guy, a very positve person, a creative rider and a pleasure to work with. More later...


We just got back from a New Pollution shoot in Chicago.
The kid was brilliant, CJ an 11 year old skateboarder.
Funny cool kid and a great skater.
Chicago a super cool city.
Warp Skatepark a great park and the owner Rob rules.
But as usual with New Pollution shoots we get to meet a cool family with super supportive partents.
The Mom super cool and sweet.
The sister, a cool kid, a snowboarder.
Okay let’s talk about the dad, Joe Kelly.
An old punk rocker, skater, funny man, former member of the band
Minisrty and all around cool guy.
He drove us around for 4 days, told us 6,000 funny stories, showered us with gifts, and just kept us smiling.
Joe is bit of a Chicago legend and his current band “Beer Nuts” is a cult favorite party band.
Joe gave us a CD now I can’t get “Woke up tied up to the radiator” out of my head.
We just did a New Pollution shoot in Chicago with 11 year old skateboarder CJ Kelly.
Thanks Kelly Family and Warp Skatepark family.
This photo is from a contest they had at the park while we were there.
Our host Matt Beacham is in the pink shirt and next to him with the surfboard is CJ Kelly.


Yes the Salt Lake City Dew Tour is always a good time. It is like a family reunion of sorts. We get to see all the folks we have worked with over the last 10 years or so. Cam White is now in first place in BMX dirt and likes tacos. Al Cook landed on his face in BMX dirt. (Al, I am going to get you a full face helmet for Christmas.) Maybe they should bring back the football helmet for BMX. I asked Al if he knocked out his teeth and he said ”yes” and added that it was no big deal because he just knocked out the fake ones.


Steve and I are shooting at the Dew Tour in SLC this weekend for the Weekly Update folks at Fuel.

This is Fake Ryan Sheckler. You can see him in the top right corner. I can't figure out what his deal is. He looks like a younger version of sheckler. He is totally playing the part, red bull hat on backwards, elbow brace on, oakley wrist band, the whole nine yards. At the Vert prelims I saw him in the stands and people were constantly asking for his autograph and he would reply that he wasn't ryan. But at the Park comp, he was on the floor and after, I saw him outside mobbed by this crowd so I snapped a pic.


My Uncle Scott introduced me to snow. I lived in California and had never really spent any significant time around it. Scott lived in Utah and worked at Alta ski resort. I think I was around 10 or 11 when my parents sent me to stay with him and his wife Marcia for a few days. They taught me to ski and I caught the bug. It was a pretty important crossroad in my life because it eventually led me to snowboarding, which led me to go to college in Utah and started me on the path for my career which involves a lot of filming in the snow.
My Uncle Scott passed away tonight from Pancreatic cancer. Thank you Scott and Marcia for pointing me in that direction.


Steve has 3 more fuel spots for us to do and we shot the first of them yesterday just outside of Boise. Ronn Seidenglanz helped out with the location and talent. We had Brandon Christiensen shoot it for us. Lots of things fell right into place for this one. Drove to Boise on monday night. Got started around 7am tuesday, wrapped at sunset, hit the road and got home around 3 am. Good Times.


It's always a good time shooting Jeff. We got the chance to do some more work with him the other day.