Ethan Vincent and I had a lovely time in West Palm Beach, Florida at the BMX UCI race. Everybody is gearing up for the Olympics. Here is quick Olympic update with Team GT.


A new Skate spot we did for Fuel TV. Watch for dead flies from my winter windows. Thanks Stan. Love the music "Songs for Ghosts to Haunt to" by Maps and Atlases. Thanks Fuel people for letting us play. Peace


I got to Moscow last night with the oakley crew. Today we went to Red Square to do some shooting. I gave my still camera to Anne-Flore cuz I was busy shooting video and her still camera ran out of batteries. Here's a photo she took of Gretchen Bleiler in front of St. Basil's Cathedral.


Day 4 of riding in Russia and we finally got a break, it's been super warm and sketchy avalanche conditions, things got better and we were allowed to hike to this spot with a guide. It was a bit nervous for me, my first time hiking that far out. But we got some good shots and had a great ride down.


I am very excited that our little museum down the street will have a WAYNE THIEBAUD retrospective called Wayne Thiebaud: 70 Years of Painting. It is at Springville Museum of Art in Springville, Utah from 28 March through 27 July 2008 with book signing and lecture on the 29th. I have enjoyed this guy's art for years and am excited to check it out.


I'm in russia shooting some snowboarding and skiing for Oakley. We are in a tiny town called Sochi. Sochi will host the winter olympics in 2014. Look beyond the russian sign and you'll see Grete Eliassen atop the cliff waiting to drop.


Have a listen to Bing Ji Ling.

Quinn Luke aka Bing Ji Ling has some new material out.
It is smooth and lovely.
I am a big fan of Quinn’s music and have done a fair amount of filming with him over the years. My plan was to make a documentary about him that I never had do to finish, or just went on for 30+ years. check out his my space page and buy his new music on iTunes.
(above: his album art, below: old photo I snapped of him in SF)