One last road trip before Christmas.
Bend, Oregon for the snowboarding Ferguson Brothers, New Pollution, Fuel TV.
Photo: Taco Tim at a Taco Truck in Ontario, Oregon---good Tacos.


Matt and Nicholi after the New Pollution Interview for Fuel TV.
Dozer the dog and Matt “Pretty Boy” Beacham double team the goal in some serious Pond Hockey in Lincoln, Massachusetts on a recent New Pollution shoot.


This is Nicholi, the kid Steve mentioned in his last post. Yes, that's a 16 inch bike, and yes, he's trying a back flip tail whip. Kid can ride.


We are at one of my favorite places, Camp Woodward in PA, Amish country. We are doing a New Pollution segment on Nicholi an amazing 11 year old BMXer . Getting great footage and having a great time. Got a skate session in today too. (Doing a 2 camera shoot---2 HVX 200s)


Over the years we have had the chance to work with GT rider Jill Kintner. She is a World Champion and World Cup Champion mountain biker. She is also an excellent graphic designer with a keen artistic eye. I think her web site is the best site in the world of competitive mountain biking, it is a cool look into her life, her art, and the people she races and travels with. Jill started as a BMX kid and is returning to the little bikes in 2008 for the Olympics in China.
Good luck Jill.