One last road trip before Christmas.
Bend, Oregon for the snowboarding Ferguson Brothers, New Pollution, Fuel TV.
Photo: Taco Tim at a Taco Truck in Ontario, Oregon---good Tacos.


McMarkle said...

Nice photo. I am glad to see that the owner of the taco truck has a back up "open" sign in the windshield in case the neon sign is out of commission. Be prepared.

bh said...

not related, but i just read that whie you were in sf, the guys from jawbreaker got together and played. jawbreaker songs. together.

i am so jealous. i cannot wait for this movie.

ti said...


the tacos at that place were so delicious that i'm sure a panic would have been caused if the open sign burned out and people thought they wouldn't be able to get their carnitas fix. Thus the reason for the back up open sign


Yeah they did. In fact when they busted into bivouac, i couldn't even film it, i just had to sit and watch. 10 minutes worth of epic experience.