Got a new tool in the mail today


Merry Christmas from my people to yours.
Steve O.


Tim and I both have a few days off so it looks like we are both deep into spring cleaning. Here a scan of a screen grab from our colorist in Seattle, Eric Rosen. These are kids from Mexico City that were extras in the Jack Black/Jared Hess adventure. That was one funnest documentary projects we ever worked on.
Big thanks to Tim for helping me set up my new computer. This is the view from my new office in Midway, I will be back to working out of the house, very happy about that, it feels right. I just had 2 edit jobs, first edit jobs in years. Things are looking good for Tim and I, the calendar is filling up with cool documentary projects. Life is good.
Peace to all.


More film.
My backyard, 2007


More films scans.
Colin Provost, New Zeland, 2009


more old film scans
Collin Provost
360 flip in front of the sydney olympic stadium. 2008
Taken with a disposable panoramic camera.
That thing in the lower right corner is the viewfinder
from the red camera we were shooting on.


More old film.
Jack and Hector.  Oxaca Mexico, 2005


I've been going through some old negatives i've got.  Here's a shot of David law on the road out to the salt flats.  Taken during the  "scenic route"  shoot.


Hi Everyone,

Steve-o and I are unloading a bunch of video equipment as we shut down one office and
open another. We thought we'd send the list out to you folks first before blasting it out
onto ebay or the like. Everything is priced to move as I'm not to interested in spending
the next 4 weeks trying to sell this stuff.



well, except the Beta SP deck.  If any one wants a free one
come by my place and pick it up!


ENCOUNTER-Skate: FUEL TV ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

The 3rd and final installment of the Encounter series.
Thanks Billy Rohan and everybody at Camp Woodward that helped make this one happen... like Dave Metty Matt Henry, Jeffrey Robert Brockmeyer, Don Hampton and all the video camper like Will and the rest... too many cool people helped on this project to mention.
Peace thanks, you too Chris Folau and Derek the DP and Tom the producer...


Here is our latest spot for Fuel TV.
Thanks to everyone.
Wakeboarder Marc Rossiter was a treat to work wih.
Thanks to Justin and Colby at Company Wakeboards.
Big thanks to Todd Dever at Fuel TV for letting up play.


I got to spend some time shooting Fabrice, a french airline pilot, he took me along on a round trip.  He took me along in the cockpit, pretty amazing how different things look out the front of the plane.


I am doing behind-the-scenes on a Hollywood film shooting in Utah. More about the film later, but it does make me want to see "Grand Canyon" "A Fish called Wanda" and a few others. Photo by still photographer on set Wilson Webb.


Tonight is the PEP art show opening in New york.  I've got a print in the show and am super honored to be a part of it. I can't make it out there for it, so If your in the city go check it out and let me know how it is!


Another one of our brothers went down hard. TJ Lavin crashed at the Dew Tour in Las Vegas last night, he is in rough shape and was put in a medically induced coma. We wish the best for our buddy TJ, and pray for his speedy recovery. I met TJ in 1997 and he has been a source of sunshine in my life every since. Check out this video TJ did for Stephen Murray when Stephen crashed a few years ago. Peace.


The episode of Firsthand that we produced is premiering this weekend. Cam was great and it was fun to travel to Australia and stay with his family on the farm.

Sunday - 9/26/2010 10:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM PT
Sunday - 9/26/2010 1:00 AM ET / 10:00 PM PT
Monday - 9/27/2010 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT
Tuesday - 9/28/2010 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT
Wednesday - 9/29/2010 11:30 PM ET / 8:30 PM PT
Thursday - 9/30/2010 10:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM PT
Thursday - 9/30/2010 1:00 AM ET / 10:00 PM PT
Friday - 10/01/2010 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT
Thursday - 10/07/2010 1:30 PM ET / 10:30 AM PT
Friday - 12/31/2010 8:30 AM ET / 5:30 AM PT
(The photo: Part of our job, making sure everything is OK, this time is wasn't, get well soon Cam, love you man)


We are finishing up post on 2 spots for Fuel TV, a wakeboard spot and a skateboard spot.


We are just wrapping up the post on the cam white first hand.  Here's steve catching a moment.


Paul and Fidalis Art Access Show from Solpin Films on Vimeo.

My nephew Paul Alusa and artist Fidalis Buehler are part of the 16th Annual Partner Exhibition at Art Access in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The opening reception is this Friday, August 20, 2010 from 6 to 9 PM. The Art Access Gallery is in downtown Salt Lake City at 230 South 500 West. The show is part of Salt Lake City Gallery Stroll, there will plenty of other art to see that night. Please come and support Paul. Paul has been doing art with Fidalis for the last 7 months. Paul is recovering from a severe stoke he had several years ago. Big thanks to Fidalis for giving his time and talent to Paul.


After our Woodward trip, I like the idea of working with kids and i just ran into this. I am not a big basketball fan, but I respect it and respect any one that is passionate about anything---like art, basketball or anything.


We had the privilege of being the guest artists at the media lab at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania. We shot a skateboard commercial for Fuel TV with the campers and New York skater Billy Rohan. Thanks to everybody, it was a good time.


One of the highlights of my summer, getting a kiss from Ed Isabelle. Ed is gnarly, very very gnarly.


We had a great time with Marc Rossiter on a Fuel TV commercial shoot in St. George, Utah. Marc was amazing. Thanks to all the brilliant crew and Justin at Company Wake for helping set the whole thing up.


scenic route fuel tv from oi documentary services on Vimeo.

We just got word from Fuel TV that our spot "Scenic Route" won some awards for cinematography and art direction at the Telly awards and BDA awards. The press release we got from Fuel TV said "FUEL TV CLEANS UP AWARDS FOR ON-AIR PROMOS AND GRAPHICS" Thanks again to Fuel TV for the chance to work with you guys again and again and again. Thanks again to David Law the skater in the spot. Oh yeah, this spot is like a fixed gear bike skateboard, a skateboard you can only push.


It feels like old times.  We are in vegas, filming cam and tj riding tj's yard.  Greg and Ceasar are here too.  Makes it seem like yesterday that we were doing TJ's film.  We made that film in 2002.  That's when steve and I officially went into business together.  We needed to buy a computer to edit tjs film, so steve and I started an LLC together just to own the edit system.  It was a 1.25ghz powermac g4, final cut pro 3, a dsr 11, and two 17" crt monitors.  The tax lady that we used to help us set up the company warned us " you know almost all partnerships end within the first 2 years!"  8 years and counting.  Here's to 8 more.


We are now at Camp Woodward and we are producing the BMX segment of the Camp Woodward TV show for Fuel TV. We are shooting Chad Kerley, he is a cool kid and an amazing bike rider.


That's alex.  He is a total ripper.  11 yrs old.  I hung out with him for a week doing the home part of the camp woodward show.  We are on season 4 this year.  Once i got to camp i turned alex over to two other filmers and met up with steve to shoot BMXer Chad Kerly for the two weeks we are at camp.  More on Chad later.


Lot of film projects going on but tonight heading up to sail at the Tuesday night racing series with Park City Laser people.
(mental heath day)


Shooting with the legendary Ethan Vincent in Colorado. Shooting for legendary LEGO. Had a brilliant Indian food dinner in Boulder, after dinner ran into hundred of kids on bikes screaming "Happy Thursday" it was lovely.


BIrch Creek Service Ranch
Cottage Meeting
Olpin’s House
We are talking about camp at our house this Wednesday. There is one girl’s session and 2 boy’s sessions. It is for kids 12 to 15 years old. Like I said earlier it was epic for our 12 year old daughter last year.
So come by yourself or with your kid and learn about camp, we will have some light snacks.
Time: 7:00 pm Wednesday May 26
Where: Olpin’s House
1165 South 1080 East


birch creek service ranch (rough cut #1 march 23, 2010) from Solpin Films on Vimeo.

Here is a video I did with the kids at Birch Creek Service Ranch. Birch Creek was so epic for our 12 year old daughter, I really can’t explain how epic it was, she made great friends, worked hard, played hard and learned to appreciate the backcountry with several serious backpacking trips (it is funny that in the modern world it seems that people only take kids into the back country is to punish them, but being unplugged and walking 10 miles into places where cars can’t go is all very very good for the soul and you can learn things that you could never learn online) I highly recommend considering this for your kids. Check it out.


This is Jeff D's uncle Curtis.  Curtis is a special effects dude for hollywood features, but in his down time he designs and builds amazing bicycles.  Here he is standing in front of just a few of the historical bikes in his collection.  Super inspiring dude.


Steve is pretty critical of images of himself, but  this is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.
Wamboin NSW Australia, 2010
One of my favorite shots from our stay at Cam White's place.


Jared Hess on one of Decker's Triumphs.


Got the chance to work with Jeff Decker again.  Always a pleasure.


Our buddy Stephen got a new van, a very nice van! Great to see people looking after each other. Aaron Cooke, the Athlete Recovery Fund and a million other people made this happen for Stephen. Look closely and you will see a Steve and Tim video playing in Stephen's Van.


Bad News from Wamboin.
Cam did blow out his knee, in other words he tore his ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)
So we are heading back to the States and we will see what Cam decides to do this season.


another shot from cam's yard


 Jaie Toohey at cam's yard last night.
steve covering the action here at cam's yard.


Work in the Aussie countryside is starting to feel a bit like a holiday. Don't tell our families we are having such a good time. Cam stressed his knee a bit so he is giving it a few days rest. So tonight we are having a NED KELLY party. I did not know who Ned was then Cam told us about him and now we see him everywhere. Check out Ned's famous armor.


we have been here in Australia for a week now, one more week to go.  Cam is a stellar subject to film.  


We are in the country outside of Canberra, Australia. We are at Cam White's Farm for 2 weeks shooting a Firsthand for Fuel TV. Cam is one of the nicest dudes and his parents are treating us like kings.


Alusa / Fidalis Art Project Session #3 from Solpin Films on Vimeo.

Video #3 in the Alusa/ Fidalis art project. I will have to admit that I was influenced by TIm’s post yesterday on Ranch Exit and I had to use some Jazz music and make a painting montage. Also I have been doing so much documentation of Paul and Fidalis’ painting together, I though I better give them a little space. We let them paint alone without cameras and when we returned to Fidalis’ studio they were on the floor painting listen to some jazz. There was a peaceful creative spirit in the room. Thanks Fidalis for sharing your time and yourself with Paul.


We had nothing to do with this video, but it's awesome


Alusa / Fidalis Art Project Session #2 from Solpin Films on Vimeo.

Session #2 from the Alusa/Fidalis art project.
Also we got some funding and we are part of an art show at Art Access in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 20, 2010.


Today some more advice from Cory Nastazio.


More Nasty advice.


Had a great week in Toronto.
Great crew, great city.
Did two 30 second commercials for Flick Trix the mini BMX bikes.


Angry Unicorn Queen from Solpin Films on Vimeo.

Angry Unicorn Queen, we used this song in the behind the scene featurette (home DVD version- not Netflix version) of the new Jared Hess film, Gentlemen Broncos. It is a great song, see if you can spot Ollie Hulme in this clip!


Perhaps the best finger biker in the world, a 13 year old dude from Toronto.
I am having fun doing a toy commercial in Canada.


This Saturday at Velour in Provo, Utah,
Bring the kids, bring the family and let the wild rumpus start!
I am trying to talk the band into going out for ice cream with us afterwards.
Bring some ear plugs, your dancing shoes and get ready to introduce your kids to ROCK and ROLL!
Seve vs. Evan = great live show,
they have songs about unicorns, robots, cowboys, pirates, dinosaurs and so on...


I am in Toronto, Canada again for another toy commercial. This is a great city and it fun to do toy bikes again.

Check out our friend Nigel's bike, we did a Firsthand on him a few years ago.


Another good day on the Alusa/Fidalis art project, in fact we even got a little funding from Art Access in Salt Lake City. Check out more photos here.