We are just wrapping up the post on the cam white first hand.  Here's steve catching a moment.


Paul and Fidalis Art Access Show from Solpin Films on Vimeo.

My nephew Paul Alusa and artist Fidalis Buehler are part of the 16th Annual Partner Exhibition at Art Access in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The opening reception is this Friday, August 20, 2010 from 6 to 9 PM. The Art Access Gallery is in downtown Salt Lake City at 230 South 500 West. The show is part of Salt Lake City Gallery Stroll, there will plenty of other art to see that night. Please come and support Paul. Paul has been doing art with Fidalis for the last 7 months. Paul is recovering from a severe stoke he had several years ago. Big thanks to Fidalis for giving his time and talent to Paul.


After our Woodward trip, I like the idea of working with kids and i just ran into this. I am not a big basketball fan, but I respect it and respect any one that is passionate about anything---like art, basketball or anything.


We had the privilege of being the guest artists at the media lab at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania. We shot a skateboard commercial for Fuel TV with the campers and New York skater Billy Rohan. Thanks to everybody, it was a good time.


One of the highlights of my summer, getting a kiss from Ed Isabelle. Ed is gnarly, very very gnarly.