No filmmaking for a few more weeks. I am taking a winter and or summer camping vaction with my family in Australia. Follow our updates at our family travel blog. Happy Holidays.


I spent the last 24 hours shooting  Rodney Mullen for National Geographic.  All I can say is wow.  This guy is so inspiring, super thoughtful, genius skater, ultra friendly, uber creative,  totally generous, More determination than I've ever seen, not to mention a complete mathematical wizard.  Rodney has it all.  I was honored and stoked to get to know him.  Thanks Rodney for a great day.


From the archives, an experimental film I did about 15 years ago. Music by Swim Pigs, written by Kent Carter. It was good fun to make... trash from the edit floor, about 3,600 frames to mess with. Good fun with an ice pick and a razor blade and oh yeah, lots of tape.


Jared Hess called me up a few days ago and told me about his neighbor Holden.    He grew up in a polygamous family in southern Utah but left the community when he was 19.  He hasn't seen his family in about 4 years.  Jared and I spent some time the past few days documenting his attempts to see them.


Spring cleaning, downsizing, getting rid of crap, moving from an analog world to a digital world, anyway we filled up a dumpster, ch-ch-changes.