Taliah Lempert, an artist I really like, was at the bike show. I bought a this small original piece of a old BSA bike. Also bought a raffle for a painting of a Davis Phinney's bike to benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation. I talked with Davis about a ride my college friends, Jon Heaton and Russell Wrankle, and I did with Davis at the Moab Fat Tire Festival in 1988. We took off without him on a ride and when he caught up he talked about us dropping him---he was trying to make us feel good or something. Jon kept messing with Davis calling him Dave and making Davis’ wife laugh. Jon the ultimate farm boy from Idaho. ...anyway it was great to see Taliah, I really like her artwork.
At the bike show in Vegas.
Ran into Nasty (Cory Nastazio).
He is a lovely human,
amazing bike rider.
He hugged me and jumped around and screamed and couldn’t stop talking about his son.
The Nasty one is a dad dad daddy-o...very cool.
Tim and I did a film about Nasty a few years ago (Nasty’s World), one of my favorite films.


Been filming Tyson Bowerbank, he is this amazing 11 year old skater from Salt Lake City. We are filming for the new Fuel TV show about kids called "New Pollution." This kid is a great street skater and is also an amazing transition skater-pulling of big airs over the pool coping at South Jordan Skatepark. Being an old man skater I love watching a kid this young destroy a bowl.


To all the Utah people:
We are having a screening of the Burton Silverman Documentary at the BYU Museum of Art. The screening is on Thursday September 21st at 7:00 pm. There will be food and a Jazz band afterward. Burton is going to be there. Should be good fun. Tim, Rose Card and I worked on this film. Rose is an intern from BYU and did an amazing job. This is a documentary mostly about his drawings that are at the museum for the next few months.


Alcatraz SharkFest 2006 San Francisco. It was a great swim.


guess where steve is?


Here's steve and Ryan Purcell in the foley booth during the sound recording/ mixing session on the 4 fuel spots we recently finished.


Next time Tim and I are in Wisconsin we WILL cruise the lake in the DRAGONFLY. I can't wait.


Over the PA the head lifeguard shouts, "This party is over if the girls can't stay out of the boys locker room."
A perfect way to end the summer--- a Seve vs. Evan show/pool party at the Pleasant Grove outdoor pool. This photo L to R: me, Seve, and Gary Bozung, Seve's Dad.


A couple people told me about this. That shirt has shown up in some cool spots. This is a screen grab from the cbs sunday morning news, during a story about South Park.

if you look reeeaaaal close you can see it in this pearl jam video as well.


Duane standing in front of an antique light fixture.
(Duane Call don't forget that I took this picture of you...)