Back from SF. Went to San Diego as well to shoot some bits for an Archaeological society. An interesting place born out of the Curation Crisis. It was explained to me this way, some time ago San Diego passed a law that required anyone who was developing land to first pay for an archaeological dig on the site. This unearthed a ton of artifacts. Too many for existing museums to deal with. So concerned citizens started the San Diego Archaelogical center as a repository where artifacts cound be properly cataloged and made available for study. A bunch of very cool folks over there. Glad I could be a small part of what they are doing. Like a knuckle head, I really didnt' take any good fotos at the center, so you can enjoy these two fotos from the drive home.


Spent some time at current tv yesterday. They are doing a pod about we jam econo, Clementine is going to cut the piece so I spent some time yesterday giving her a few loose ideas. I'm very interested to see what they come up with. Many thanks Clementine and Erik.


Go Skateboarding day

I wasn't at home to have the old man ramp jam on Go Skateboarding Day, but I did manage to roll up and down the embarcadero some. Happy June 21st everyone.

Spent last night with Adam in the basement of his video store going through about 7 hours of old video footage that was shot on jawbreaker tours from 95 and 96. Lots of good stuff in there, Adam was surprised by several songs that he said they rarely played live. So we were stoked on what we were able to log into FCP. We logged all 6 tapes, at good Indian food and enjoyed the company of Lost Weekend Video Employees. It was a great night. Huge thanks Adam.



Always wanted to skate this thing. I remember seein a photo about 10-15 yrs ago in one of the mags of someone doin a blunt on it. I thought today would be the day, but the two skateable bits were filled with water. While the kids were playin and I was takin photos, two dudes rolled up one with a skateboard in hand, when I told him they were filled with water he said, "oh I don't really skate, I just wanted to get a picture to make my skater roommate jealous."


Just got the call from the mechanic. What was my reliable standby has given up the ghost. It gave me 6 years of great service. Many trips to California and back. Just me the Brat and the open road. Today I'm headed to SF for a week for family vacation. I'll sneak in a little work on the Jawbreaker doc as well. When I get back the search for the Brat II will begin.


Another year of the lake Powell trip is over. It was a ton of fun and we got some great footage.


Headed to St. George today to hook up with justin to shoot at lake powell for a week. The Brat (my truck) has been acting up lately and I had a feeling i shouldn't try to drive it down, but i did it. The result, a blown upper radiator hose. My lovely spouse sacrificed her afternoon to go get a replacement and drive it 100 miles to me. Replaced the hose, and managed to make it to Justins place. Lookin forward to the week on the lake. HUGE THANKS to my lady, she saved the day
Sorry for the lack of updates, and this lame excuse for an update. I'm headed to Lake Powell to shoot for a week with Justin, No cel phone reception and no internet at lake powell. Steve is on an extended family vacation, not sure if we'll see any updates from him. I'll post a bunch when I get back from powell. Thanks for the interest.