We had a great time with Marc Rossiter on a Fuel TV commercial shoot in St. George, Utah. Marc was amazing. Thanks to all the brilliant crew and Justin at Company Wake for helping set the whole thing up.


scenic route fuel tv from oi documentary services on Vimeo.

We just got word from Fuel TV that our spot "Scenic Route" won some awards for cinematography and art direction at the Telly awards and BDA awards. The press release we got from Fuel TV said "FUEL TV CLEANS UP AWARDS FOR ON-AIR PROMOS AND GRAPHICS" Thanks again to Fuel TV for the chance to work with you guys again and again and again. Thanks again to David Law the skater in the spot. Oh yeah, this spot is like a fixed gear bike skateboard, a skateboard you can only push.


It feels like old times.  We are in vegas, filming cam and tj riding tj's yard.  Greg and Ceasar are here too.  Makes it seem like yesterday that we were doing TJ's film.  We made that film in 2002.  That's when steve and I officially went into business together.  We needed to buy a computer to edit tjs film, so steve and I started an LLC together just to own the edit system.  It was a 1.25ghz powermac g4, final cut pro 3, a dsr 11, and two 17" crt monitors.  The tax lady that we used to help us set up the company warned us " you know almost all partnerships end within the first 2 years!"  8 years and counting.  Here's to 8 more.