K7 beehive bazaar video #2

So I got a pentax k7 and i've been having a lot of fun with the video function.  Steve and I decided to put it through it's paces and do a couple spots for the beehive bazaar as a kindof test run for the camera in an actual production situation.  It's definitely got it's strengths and weaknesses, but i think the images it creates are pretty stellar.  Here's the first spot.


A few years back we got to work with Gary Fisher and Subaru. It was great fun. Gary is a great guy and is a legend. He drives cool cars and rides amazing bikes, but I would like to raid his closet, I love the chick shirt he wore in our Subaru spot.


so gentlemen broncos is out.  I think it's funny, but of course I'm biased.
It's been getting blasted by most critics, but the few that do like it
seem to be the critics I have a lot of respect for.
David Edelstein wrote a good one.
Richard Brody at the New Yorker
But I think the best written piece about the film was by
Lauren Davis over at io9.  It's a worthwhile read
whether you loved or hated the film.


I think this is the best Ranch Exit Sign in Utah. It has a clean look, I like angle on the arrow and it is a great arrow, it has a good exit number, no pesky graffiti and of course no other information other than that this is a Ranch Exit, good luck finding the Ranch.


Here is an old spot that we did for Fuel TV, that we have not posted. Terry Adams on bike and Matt Wilhelm on saxophone, shot in Central Park in New York City, the rain is real.


Silo Films is the commercial production company the represents me in Los Angeles. They have been excellent. They did a press release in Shoot Online about the "Scenic Route" spot for Fuel TV. (photo: a dirty medium format snap of David Law pushing in the middle of nowhere)

This is our spot for Fuel TV called "Scratch" I have posted it before, I am reposting it because it has won a few more awards. Awards for editing and some overall awards, if that makes any sense. (I will try to post details later)

Okay, for Halloween I was basically an idea, I called the idea "Project 1000." The goal was to take 1000 photos at the Call's Halloween party- between 4 photographers we ended up with 2100 photos, check out 500 photos here and 500 there. There were lots of dance moves, goofing off and a lot of pseudo performance art. (the photos: Tim and Barbara as stick people, and me and Monson preparing for a fake fight)



Fox is giving away some tickets to Gentlemen Broncos in select cities
click here to get yours.

Another Broncos video.
Gentlemen Broncos is NOW PLAYING in:
Los Angeles (Arclight Hollywood)
New York (Landmark Sunshine)

Opening Friday, November 6th
Austin (Alamo South Lamar)
Boston (Kendall Square)
Los Angeles (Playhouse, UTC)
Salt Lake City (Broadway Centre)
San Francisco (Embarcadero Center)
Toronto (AMC Yonge & Dundas)
Washington D.C. (Bethesda Row)

Opening Friday, November 13th
Chicago (Century Centre)
Dallas/Ft. Worth (Angelika/Mockingbird Station)
Detroit (Main Art)
Minneapolis (Lagoon)
Montreal (AMC Forum)
San Diego (Hillcrest)
Vancouver (Cinemark Tinseltown)