We Jam Econo is playing at the Don't knock the Rock film festival on Sunday at the redcat theater , Down town LA. Keith and I will be there for a Q+A.


SO LA snap shots after L'ALPE D'HUEZ time trial 2004.

Every year he rides in the morning and then stops and watches the race. He is listening to the race on the radio on his chest.
In 2004 Tim and I did mini documentaries for the Tour de France. A dream job. One of the few cold calls in my entire life. In 2003 I watched the tour on TV and thought it would be cool to work on that thing. I came with an idea of using Hans Rey to do stories about the fans at the side of the road. Hans came up with the Idea of calling it “Excuse My French” it worked.
Anyway I’m stealing a link from Kevin at good problem. Here it is


We rode our bikes to this cool arts festival at the state mental hospital to see Seve vs. Evan .A few words about Seve Vs. Evan. I grew up down the street from Seve’s dad Gary Bozung in Pacific Palisades, California. Seve’s Grandma drove me to church when I was a kid, Nate, Seve’s brother, is a pro snowboarder---anyway enough small world junk. I went to see Seve Vs. Evan to rock out with his dad, mom, and step mom...and... I loved what I saw and heard. Seve Vs. Evan are wacky fun and also have thoughtful heart felt lyrics. A unique set up too--a keyboard and a drummer that is it. They have a cool following and I love checking them out. I really really like these guys---I hear their music and there are big smiles. I wish them the best o’ luck--check them out if you can.


A late night ride with my boy Brent Hulme and his boy Xander.


The Summer Solstice at Price’s Peace Pond. The kids played in the boat. My boy Fish swam with me, Maia collected feathers and daughter Quinn took pictures. The sun set at about 9:00. Our boy Crew was at home asleep---Noelle O., the mommy O., was relaxing at home too.
After celebrating “Go Skateboarding Day” at Tim’s ramp, I had a another celebration to go to---celebrated the Summer Solstice with my kids at Price’s Peace Pond. Cruised my old man board with soft squishy wheels I got from Justin Hindery at Cal’s Skate shop in Portland Oregon.


Happy go skateboarding day. We celebrated with the first monthly Old Man Ramp Jam and BBQ. Sorry for the lack of action shots, was too busy skating and enjoying bbqed zucchini sandwich.


Albert Maysles is a documentary filmmaker that I look up to. I love reading his interviews and chit chat about non-fiction film. I just found this quote by him. I love it.

“As a documentarian I happily place my fate and faith in reality. It is my caretaker, the provider of subjects, themes, experiences – all endowed with the power of truth and the romance of discovery. And the closer I adhere to reality the more honest and authentic my tales. After all, the knowledge of the real world is exactly what we need to better understand and therefore possibly to love one another. It’s my way of making the world a better place.”Albert Maysles

I finally found single track near my house and have been riding it almost everyday. No car just leave from the house. Took a solo ride tonight with a light rain and an amazing sunset.

These came in the mail the other day, officially the release is june 27th. Lots of dvd release parties all over the country.
including one Locally at Brewvies.

Ryan Gibb working on the Travis Pastrana documentary. This weekend we shot Super Moto in Utah. A crazy half dirt half road moto race. (the racing photo is not Travis)


Jar-Head tonight we watch your movie after a Mexican Potluck dinner in the backyard.
Enjoy your vacation.


Shot the Fuzzy Spot today.
Huge thanks to Mike Aitken
seen here.


Big O-
Day 2 of a 3 day shoot with Fuzzy.
Everything is working out good.

American Fork Park official Ground Breaking happend today.
Steve and I were at lake powell at the same time, but opposite ends of the lake. I spent the week shooting with Justin

We dug till the sun went down. Jim, Fuzzy and the guy that owns the land, Alan.


Mom and Dad in Torrey, Utah. When my dad was done being an LA lawyer he and my mom retired to the middle of nowhere. North of Boulder Mountain and west of Capital Reef National Park. A nice place to relax, ride bikes, hike, swim in rivers and just look around. One word that describes it there is... QUIET.

Took a mini Utah road trip, for family business this weekend. Listened to Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road,” saw some Amish dudes on Hell’s Backbone, and relived childhood memories with a soft serve ice cream cone from Brink’s in Torrey.


Fuzzy in the field.
We are still scouting on the Fuel TV spot.

Buffy from San Diego.
The newest member of the oi family.

Desert air/Fresh Colorado River Water.
Noelle at the BBQ as the sun goes down at Lake Powell.
We kicked off the summer with 5 days at the lake.
We played in the water and had lot of laughs.


I lied, one more post, we hit a hotel last night that had internet access. My room mate for the night josh Letchworth


Last post for a while, heading out on a remote road trip. No internet or phone. Found this sign on the way. Apparently it's ok for ADULTs to skate here


I was cruisin' around today runnin errands for my next road trip. Arrrgghh goatheads