We rode our bikes to this cool arts festival at the state mental hospital to see Seve vs. Evan .A few words about Seve Vs. Evan. I grew up down the street from Seve’s dad Gary Bozung in Pacific Palisades, California. Seve’s Grandma drove me to church when I was a kid, Nate, Seve’s brother, is a pro snowboarder---anyway enough small world junk. I went to see Seve Vs. Evan to rock out with his dad, mom, and step mom...and... I loved what I saw and heard. Seve Vs. Evan are wacky fun and also have thoughtful heart felt lyrics. A unique set up too--a keyboard and a drummer that is it. They have a cool following and I love checking them out. I really really like these guys---I hear their music and there are big smiles. I wish them the best o’ luck--check them out if you can.

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