Okay, last night had a perfect night with my Park City sailing friends. It was the last night of our Tuesday night race series and it was brilliant. We had tons of wind, warn overcast weather and refreshing water. The racing was fast and crazy with people getting flung into the water all night long. It was a great laugh for all.
Anyway, I started racing this year and it has been a great thing for me. I do not play golf or have a poker night with the boys, so has been fun for me. It is great to be outdoors and the challenge of racing is good for the mind, body and soul. Also I feel like I have 20 new friends. We ended the season with El Chubasco, my favorite Mexican restaurant in Park City. (this photo: me trying to keep the boat flat in heavy wind, taken by vollbrechtt)


We've been in New Hampshire for the week shooting our first segment for New Pollution season 4. It was great to be back with Matt and Zane was a great first subject. Super stylish riding and an awesome family that made us feel very welcome.


Another behind-the-scenes video we did for Gentlemen Broncos. Sam Rockwell rocks. It was a treat working him. This scene was shot on Stansbury Island on the Great Salt Lake, one of the most miserable places on earth.

We are back on the road. Had a layover in Atlanta. In my opinion Atlanta has the best art of any US airport.


Got to work with simon tabron the other day on a shoot for the weekly update.  We covered 5050 bmx's ride with a pro day.


I've been working the Dew Tour in SLC for the Weekly Update. Dew Tours are always fun cuz you get to see lots of folks you've met over the years on various projects. This is a shot of one of the Free Flow kids. Kickflip footplant over the picnic table


Another video we did for Broncos, a nice look at Jared and Jerusha working things out. She is a massive part of this whole thing, but mostly stays in the background. When you hear the DVD commentary of Bronco you will learn a lot about their creative process.

This summer had a fair amount of time off. We discovered soft boards for surfing. It was a break through with the kids, the 3 oldest kids were off and running. Our last night in California was magic. We surfed will till total darkness and we were the only ones in the water. In love with water fun.


Today we recorded the DVD commentary for Gentlemen Broncos
with Jared and Jerusha Hess, and Munn Powell. It was funny to hear these guys riff on the film.
Thanks guys for having us on board as the BTS crew.


I got the chance today to interview mike aitken.
It was super inspiring to here him talk about his accident and his attitude about what went down.
Class act all the way.


Another web video for Jared's new film. This is a good one, Sam Rockwell was amazing and super fun to work with, and love to hear about the Hess creative process (after that i want to be a writer).
This summer I was given the opportunity to be a judge for the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana. I set up shop in the garage and watched hours of movies. I would watch a film, fix a bike tire for the kids, watch a film... It was fun and it is good to give back to Heartland. They have honored me as a visionary with 2 Crystal Heart awards for my films “The Potter’s Meal” and “In The Presence of Healers.”


One more of the Gentlemen Broncos videos we did for Jared Hess' new film. Edgar is an amazing person.


I am a big supporter of the Deer Creek Open Water Swim Marathon . I was getting ready for this years event and my boy Fish 11, said he would like to give it a try. So At the last minute I dropped out of the race to be his paddler. He was awesome and was the youngest kid by 15 years, the next youngest was 26. He liked it and said he had fun, but he did say he got cold.


We spent a day with Parks and Shane Bonifay in the heavy humidity of Orlando. We were shooting another spot for Fuel TV.
Parks and Shane were super funny and willing to get silly for the spots. Look for the spots in a month or so.


This week's Bronco video.