Shirt Winner #2!

This one is from Chris C. He's a teacher in the Communications Dept. at BYU. He's also a film maker and has directed many commercials and documentaries. Thanks for sharing your space Chris. Let me know what color and size you want.


1st Shirt Winner!!

Brad B. is our first winner. Brad is a great documentary film maker that steve and I both had as a student at one point or another. If you get a chance to see any of his films, take advantage of it. Lots of talent pouring out of him. I still show one of Brads films to my students every year.

Still two spots left in contest number one, and we have yet to have any photos of workspaces. Thanks for starting it off Brad. Forgot to ask you, do you want green or yellow and what size?
Finally snow in town.
Tim did Brighton this morning,
20 inches of powder.


Win an oi documentary shirt contest #2

Ok, Contest #1 is still active, any of you folks take a photo at a ranch exit sign on the way home from thanksgiving travels? Anyway, contest number two may be a bit easier to pull off. Steve and I have always been interested in peoples workspaces. So the first 3 people to send us a photo of their workspace will recieve a shirt. Doesn't have to be the workspace where you make a living, could be a hobby workspace or??? I just finished building some shelf units for my space. here's a photo. Send your entries to tim at oidocumentary dot com. Buena Suerte


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Art Quote of the day:
I was watching a documentary about Robert Rauschenberg and his son said this...

“If you are paying attention to what’s going on around you and looking for things that are beautiful...(and) if you go to the museum you see much more beautiful things on the way to the museum that actually see inside it.”

Photographer, Christopher Rauschenberg


Wanna win an oi documentary shirt???

here's the contest. The first 3 people to email us a photo of themselves next to a ranch exit sign will win. email entries to tim at oidocumentary dot com. Buena Suerte.


Blake Nyman from surface skis posing in the new oi shirts that he screened for us. It is a drawing of my bolex and it says “oi documentary” on the bottom. They come in green and gold. It you want Blake to screen you some shirts you can get a hold of him at F7Promotions@gmail.com. I’m not sure what we are doing with these shirts---Maybe we should have a contest or something---or Tim and I are always down to trade or...???


This is Sam and Matt. Shooter and host of New Pollution, an upcomming show on fuel tv. We spent a couple days last week working with them doing some interviews and whatnot with Tyson, the 11 year old ripper from sandy. On the last day we shot at the indoor park at ogio and managed to get a little session in on the mini before tyson showed up. It was a pleasure working with you guys.

This is my grandpa. He worked as an engineer for the NBC's Blue radio network in the 40's. The red and blue networks of nbc were split up by the courts and the Blue became ABC. When TV came around the heads of the network asked him and his coworkers to build everything they needed to start broadcasting TV. A tall order. He stayed with ABC until he retired just after the '84 olympics. He's been helping me out a lot getting all the equipment wired up for power, as well as helping me solder all the connections in the audio patch bay. Many thanks Grandpa Giff!


Tim, the second smartest dude in the whole world.
We are setting up world headquarters of “oi documentary services.”
Digibeta, HD, DVCAM, new monitors, new computers, new software, new furniture, patch panels, a very big TV (monitor) for the client lounge and enough cable to make you crazy.
Tim the mastermind of it all.
Tim tells me stories of his childhood where random adults told him he was wasting his time because he was playing with RC cars, skateboards, punk music, computer games, dungeons and dragons...all things that have made Tim Tim, a perfect blend of creativity and technical know how.
Thanks Tim, I owe you a burrito.


Documentary quote of the day:

“The documentary idea, after all, demands no more than that the affairs of our time shall be brought to the screen in any fashion which strikes the imagination and makes observation a little richer than it was. At one level, the vision may be journalistic; at another, it may rise to poetry and drama. On another level again its aesthetic quality may lie in the mere lucidity of its expositions.”

I read this quote my first year as a film student. I have always liked it. My text told me it was John Grierson. Later I was trying to find the quote and Tim looked it up on the world wide web it was some Noel person...? I always liked the idea that the father of documentary said it, but what are you going to do?

Anyway the important thing is that there are many different styles of documentary filmmaking, no one way or right way.

(This photo is of a painting by Norwegian artist/filmmaker Magnus Henriksen. I like his paintings and he has a cool style of documentary filmmaking, I call it Freestyle Documentary)