Documentary quote of the day:

“The documentary idea, after all, demands no more than that the affairs of our time shall be brought to the screen in any fashion which strikes the imagination and makes observation a little richer than it was. At one level, the vision may be journalistic; at another, it may rise to poetry and drama. On another level again its aesthetic quality may lie in the mere lucidity of its expositions.”

I read this quote my first year as a film student. I have always liked it. My text told me it was John Grierson. Later I was trying to find the quote and Tim looked it up on the world wide web it was some Noel person...? I always liked the idea that the father of documentary said it, but what are you going to do?

Anyway the important thing is that there are many different styles of documentary filmmaking, no one way or right way.

(This photo is of a painting by Norwegian artist/filmmaker Magnus Henriksen. I like his paintings and he has a cool style of documentary filmmaking, I call it Freestyle Documentary)

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