1st Shirt Winner!!

Brad B. is our first winner. Brad is a great documentary film maker that steve and I both had as a student at one point or another. If you get a chance to see any of his films, take advantage of it. Lots of talent pouring out of him. I still show one of Brads films to my students every year.

Still two spots left in contest number one, and we have yet to have any photos of workspaces. Thanks for starting it off Brad. Forgot to ask you, do you want green or yellow and what size?


so said...

Cool Brad
That looks like Ranch Exit #36 on I-15
Are you in LA or Utah?
Working on any cool film projects?

Brad B said...

Hey steve!

I am still in Los Angeles. Lately I've been doing a bunch of stuff with Greg Whiteley--shooting and editing on his debate documentary most recently. It looks like i'll also be entering oi territory a bit with doing some dvd feauturette work on Hubbel's film "American Fork" in the next little while. As for my own stuff, one i've mostly shot and am just starting to edit together (mostly just for fun at this point) is a short doc on 3 amateur drummers with unusual motives.

Would love to work with you guys whenever you're around or I'm around btw...

Keep up the good work.