Hi Everyone,

Steve-o and I are unloading a bunch of video equipment as we shut down one office and
open another. We thought we'd send the list out to you folks first before blasting it out
onto ebay or the like. Everything is priced to move as I'm not to interested in spending
the next 4 weeks trying to sell this stuff.



well, except the Beta SP deck.  If any one wants a free one
come by my place and pick it up!


ENCOUNTER-Skate: FUEL TV ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

The 3rd and final installment of the Encounter series.
Thanks Billy Rohan and everybody at Camp Woodward that helped make this one happen... like Dave Metty Matt Henry, Jeffrey Robert Brockmeyer, Don Hampton and all the video camper like Will and the rest... too many cool people helped on this project to mention.
Peace thanks, you too Chris Folau and Derek the DP and Tom the producer...


Here is our latest spot for Fuel TV.
Thanks to everyone.
Wakeboarder Marc Rossiter was a treat to work wih.
Thanks to Justin and Colby at Company Wakeboards.
Big thanks to Todd Dever at Fuel TV for letting up play.