Got to go to Toronto this weekend to shoot Wakestock. It was a bonus to see some guys that i haven't seen in a long time. This is Danny Hampson and Keith Lyman doing an autograph session.


For now no comment.


My good friend Brent Hulme just opened a bike shop in downtown Salt Lake City.
Salt Lake City Bicycle Company
2nd South and 2nd East.
Brent has been in the bike industry for over 20 years.
He is good dude. I am happy for him and his family.
He carries Trek, Gary Fisher, and super hip Swobo bikes.
It is a big shop, but I know Brent will treat everybody with bike needs like family because that is the way Brent is.
Anyway, I am super excited about bikes right now.
I could not think of better time in our lifetime to open a bike shop.
Bikes are the answer to a lot of things.
Go to Brent’s shop and tell him Steve from Ranch Exit sent you.
Enjoy a bike ride.


This is Shonka. I met Shonka years ago on one of the Liquid Force/ Lake Powell Shoots. I just remember that he was super hungry to learn everything he could about film making, he was asking me questions all week about shooting 16mm and documentary style film making. I was inspired by his unique combination of tenacity and kindness.
Fast forward a few years and Shonka is working at oakley and he gives me a call out of the blue to ask if I want to go to Bali to shoot some stuff for them. Tons of other oakley gigs have followed. I finally got to work with him in person again at the hood shoot last week. Huge thanks Shonka!
The shot is a frame grab from a shot I took of him on a RED one.


Last day of the shoot here at High Cascade. The rider is Nicholas Mueller.


I have to admit that when I started getting out my snowboard gear for this gig I was a little bit disgusted at the idea of snowboarding in July. But as soon as I got on the hill, I was having a blast. All the folks at High Cascade Snowboard camp are super fun folks. It's been a blast to see the kids that are so completely stoked to be here. It's been inspiring.


I'm at Mt hood this week shooting for Oakley. It's been super fun so far, We are documenting Nicolas Mueller and Gretchen Bleiler hanging out with the campers at
High Cascade Snowboard camp. Riding, swimming in the lake, dodge ball, skateboarding, all around summer camp fun.


Okay Utah People!
The second annual Deer Creek Open Water Swim is a little more than a month away. This year they have added a massive 10 mile swim and a very doable one mile swim. I did the 10K last year and it was a good time. Come swim with me and if you don’t want to swim maybe someone needs a kayaker. Look they put me on the poster, cool.


lego bricks rule.
ethan vincent rules.
ethan has a gig with lego and brought me along. We got to film adults and kids who get crazy creative with legos. Thanks to ethan and the lego folks!