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I have been waiting to see this film for many years. In college there were legends about this thing. The documentary world was much smaller then, and hearing about two dudes whose films you admired interacting in this way was intriguing, even if it was only a rumor. Turns out there was truth to the legend. A little warning, this ain't no 45 sec, instant gratification, get your laugh on, youtube clip. you'll need about 20 minutes to get through this one. Enjoy.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Before I pack it up and go to Granny’s house I wanted to post a piece of art I just got.
This piece is by Joey Lynch, it is 22 inch x 28 inch and I am very happy with it. Tim and I met Joey in Nebraska while working on a documentary about street skateboarding.


There is something is in the works with Nasty. I pitched the idea, they said pitch more---so TIm and I became graphic designers for a day. They got the proposal, 5 minutes later they said, “Let’s do it, nice proposal by the way”
More details later.


Before I went to baja, I got to go to Justin's premiere of his wake film "push process". It was pretty epic. Justin and I go way back to project watson days. I've always said justin has more gumption than anyone I know, that is definitely still true. Here's a shot of justin being interviewed by Kier Dillon for the Fuel coverage of the event.

I'm in Baja California this week shooting the Baja 1000 for oakley. This is benny, the co-driver for the arciero/miller race team. We'll be following them all the way to Cabo. Race starts in about 2.5 hrs. and if all goes well will last about 24-26 hrs.


Years ago my friend Joe Bennion turned me on to this video and it is one of my favorite pieces of video art of all time. Just found it online. Also remind me of my buddy Luis Ruiz who does a killer Lou Rawls impersonation.