No filmmaking for a few more weeks. I am taking a winter and or summer camping vaction with my family in Australia. Follow our updates at our family travel blog. Happy Holidays.


I spent the last 24 hours shooting  Rodney Mullen for National Geographic.  All I can say is wow.  This guy is so inspiring, super thoughtful, genius skater, ultra friendly, uber creative,  totally generous, More determination than I've ever seen, not to mention a complete mathematical wizard.  Rodney has it all.  I was honored and stoked to get to know him.  Thanks Rodney for a great day.


From the archives, an experimental film I did about 15 years ago. Music by Swim Pigs, written by Kent Carter. It was good fun to make... trash from the edit floor, about 3,600 frames to mess with. Good fun with an ice pick and a razor blade and oh yeah, lots of tape.


Jared Hess called me up a few days ago and told me about his neighbor Holden.    He grew up in a polygamous family in southern Utah but left the community when he was 19.  He hasn't seen his family in about 4 years.  Jared and I spent some time the past few days documenting his attempts to see them.


Spring cleaning, downsizing, getting rid of crap, moving from an analog world to a digital world, anyway we filled up a dumpster, ch-ch-changes.


K7 beehive bazaar video #2

So I got a pentax k7 and i've been having a lot of fun with the video function.  Steve and I decided to put it through it's paces and do a couple spots for the beehive bazaar as a kindof test run for the camera in an actual production situation.  It's definitely got it's strengths and weaknesses, but i think the images it creates are pretty stellar.  Here's the first spot.


A few years back we got to work with Gary Fisher and Subaru. It was great fun. Gary is a great guy and is a legend. He drives cool cars and rides amazing bikes, but I would like to raid his closet, I love the chick shirt he wore in our Subaru spot.


so gentlemen broncos is out.  I think it's funny, but of course I'm biased.
It's been getting blasted by most critics, but the few that do like it
seem to be the critics I have a lot of respect for.
David Edelstein wrote a good one.
Richard Brody at the New Yorker
But I think the best written piece about the film was by
Lauren Davis over at io9.  It's a worthwhile read
whether you loved or hated the film.


I think this is the best Ranch Exit Sign in Utah. It has a clean look, I like angle on the arrow and it is a great arrow, it has a good exit number, no pesky graffiti and of course no other information other than that this is a Ranch Exit, good luck finding the Ranch.


Here is an old spot that we did for Fuel TV, that we have not posted. Terry Adams on bike and Matt Wilhelm on saxophone, shot in Central Park in New York City, the rain is real.


Silo Films is the commercial production company the represents me in Los Angeles. They have been excellent. They did a press release in Shoot Online about the "Scenic Route" spot for Fuel TV. (photo: a dirty medium format snap of David Law pushing in the middle of nowhere)

This is our spot for Fuel TV called "Scratch" I have posted it before, I am reposting it because it has won a few more awards. Awards for editing and some overall awards, if that makes any sense. (I will try to post details later)

Okay, for Halloween I was basically an idea, I called the idea "Project 1000." The goal was to take 1000 photos at the Call's Halloween party- between 4 photographers we ended up with 2100 photos, check out 500 photos here and 500 there. There were lots of dance moves, goofing off and a lot of pseudo performance art. (the photos: Tim and Barbara as stick people, and me and Monson preparing for a fake fight)



Fox is giving away some tickets to Gentlemen Broncos in select cities
click here to get yours.

Another Broncos video.
Gentlemen Broncos is NOW PLAYING in:
Los Angeles (Arclight Hollywood)
New York (Landmark Sunshine)

Opening Friday, November 6th
Austin (Alamo South Lamar)
Boston (Kendall Square)
Los Angeles (Playhouse, UTC)
Salt Lake City (Broadway Centre)
San Francisco (Embarcadero Center)
Toronto (AMC Yonge & Dundas)
Washington D.C. (Bethesda Row)

Opening Friday, November 13th
Chicago (Century Centre)
Dallas/Ft. Worth (Angelika/Mockingbird Station)
Detroit (Main Art)
Minneapolis (Lagoon)
Montreal (AMC Forum)
San Diego (Hillcrest)
Vancouver (Cinemark Tinseltown)


Our friend, Chris Cutri just released his new art film on dvd, you can get it here. It is a great film about surfers that do art. I am very inspired by this film.


hi ho all.
Tim and I are speaking at BYU Museum of Art this Thursday. We will show clips and talk about our journey in nonfiction film. It has been a great trip, Tim is a brilliant filmmaker. He is technically a genius, a creative powerhouse and he understands the history of filmmaking enough to charge boldly into the future. It is an honor to travel the world with you dude.
Peace, see you Thursday.


Last thursday we got to go to the Utah Premiere of "Gentlemen Broncos"  It was great to see a bunch of the folks we worked with on the film.   The film is being released in select theaters on October 30th.'
Thanks Jared for the gig and the laughs.


Yesterday a friend of the family, and world class artist V. Douglas Snow died in a car crash in Central Utah. Doug was a brilliant artist and respected by many. He was also super duped loved by his students when he taught at the University of Utah. I had always planned on spending time with Doug and doing an interview with him for the art world to archive, but I never made time for the interview. Lesson to me, if you feel like doing it, do it. Love people while we are here together---we all just one swerve of a car away from our final resting place. Rest in Peace Doug, you will be missed.

V. Douglas Snow


OK, this is one of my favorite web spots we did for Gentlemen Broncos. One of my favorite lines of all time came from Sam when he called the theater “Sparkly and Fantastic.” Also I love the that he talks about touching all the cookies and stuff after he has handled the stag. And who doesn’t want to a peppermint feeling all inside them? Anybody? Anybody?

On the way to the Airport in Chicago we had the treat of eating breakfast with one of the best skate dads in the business "Mr. Joe Kelly." It was great to see CJ too, CJ in amazing kid and a great skateboarder, we filmed him last year for New Pollution.
(borrowed photo: Joe Kelly rocking out with his band the Beer Nuts, We just missed his Chicago show by hours...next time Joe)


This is the finished segment from the Mike Aitken interview i did a few weeks back for The Weekly Update.
I am stoked on this guy.

Couple weeks ago i got to shoot a segment with Chad Kagy out at the Miller Motorsports complex.
Here's a link to thie finished segment


We just finished a great shoot in the Chicago area with London Davis and his family. London is skateboarded with a great family that supports his skating 100%. We also shot a magic session with Chaz Ortiz and London. We ended the night with the best BBQ I have ever had. London’s mom cooked us some of her famous D’s BBQ sauce, a family BBQ recipe that has been in the family for over 100 years. Thanks for the food and the good times.(Photo: The family with Matt Beacham the host of New Pollution on Fuel TV)


This is Rob. Rob owns the Warped skate park and lets us crash in his basement anytime we come to town. Rob deserves a medal for the great environment he provides for kids out here. Be sure to say hi anytime you get to Chicago.


We met a couple of cool people today while on a shoot in the Chicago area. Logan and his dad Matt. They are on a mission to skateboard in all 50 states in the next 9 months, basically Logan’s entire 6th grade year. He will be doing home school with his dad, going to museums and learning about the country by traveling it. They are doing it low budget, staying with friends, family, and couch surfing with people they meet along the way. We had fun chatting with them and listening to their stories. We already have plans to help them out when they pass through Utah in April. Anybody interested in helping out when they pass through your state should check out their web site 50skatekid.com.
Steve and Tim


Another Bronco video, this one was one of Jared's favorite ones. Jared really like his production designer, Richard Wright. Richard is a creative peaceful dude.


Okay, last night had a perfect night with my Park City sailing friends. It was the last night of our Tuesday night race series and it was brilliant. We had tons of wind, warn overcast weather and refreshing water. The racing was fast and crazy with people getting flung into the water all night long. It was a great laugh for all.
Anyway, I started racing this year and it has been a great thing for me. I do not play golf or have a poker night with the boys, so has been fun for me. It is great to be outdoors and the challenge of racing is good for the mind, body and soul. Also I feel like I have 20 new friends. We ended the season with El Chubasco, my favorite Mexican restaurant in Park City. (this photo: me trying to keep the boat flat in heavy wind, taken by vollbrechtt)


We've been in New Hampshire for the week shooting our first segment for New Pollution season 4. It was great to be back with Matt and Zane was a great first subject. Super stylish riding and an awesome family that made us feel very welcome.


Another behind-the-scenes video we did for Gentlemen Broncos. Sam Rockwell rocks. It was a treat working him. This scene was shot on Stansbury Island on the Great Salt Lake, one of the most miserable places on earth.

We are back on the road. Had a layover in Atlanta. In my opinion Atlanta has the best art of any US airport.


Got to work with simon tabron the other day on a shoot for the weekly update.  We covered 5050 bmx's ride with a pro day.


I've been working the Dew Tour in SLC for the Weekly Update. Dew Tours are always fun cuz you get to see lots of folks you've met over the years on various projects. This is a shot of one of the Free Flow kids. Kickflip footplant over the picnic table


Another video we did for Broncos, a nice look at Jared and Jerusha working things out. She is a massive part of this whole thing, but mostly stays in the background. When you hear the DVD commentary of Bronco you will learn a lot about their creative process.

This summer had a fair amount of time off. We discovered soft boards for surfing. It was a break through with the kids, the 3 oldest kids were off and running. Our last night in California was magic. We surfed will till total darkness and we were the only ones in the water. In love with water fun.


Today we recorded the DVD commentary for Gentlemen Broncos
with Jared and Jerusha Hess, and Munn Powell. It was funny to hear these guys riff on the film.
Thanks guys for having us on board as the BTS crew.


I got the chance today to interview mike aitken.
It was super inspiring to here him talk about his accident and his attitude about what went down.
Class act all the way.


Another web video for Jared's new film. This is a good one, Sam Rockwell was amazing and super fun to work with, and love to hear about the Hess creative process (after that i want to be a writer).
This summer I was given the opportunity to be a judge for the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana. I set up shop in the garage and watched hours of movies. I would watch a film, fix a bike tire for the kids, watch a film... It was fun and it is good to give back to Heartland. They have honored me as a visionary with 2 Crystal Heart awards for my films “The Potter’s Meal” and “In The Presence of Healers.”


One more of the Gentlemen Broncos videos we did for Jared Hess' new film. Edgar is an amazing person.


I am a big supporter of the Deer Creek Open Water Swim Marathon . I was getting ready for this years event and my boy Fish 11, said he would like to give it a try. So At the last minute I dropped out of the race to be his paddler. He was awesome and was the youngest kid by 15 years, the next youngest was 26. He liked it and said he had fun, but he did say he got cold.


We spent a day with Parks and Shane Bonifay in the heavy humidity of Orlando. We were shooting another spot for Fuel TV.
Parks and Shane were super funny and willing to get silly for the spots. Look for the spots in a month or so.


This week's Bronco video.


The behind the scenes web spots we did for Gentlemen Broncos are finally starting to roll out.
more info here

I had a shoot today that got cancelled so Steve and I decided to have an oi documentary services board meeting today. We had about 15 miles of board meeting with about 1600 feet of climbing and about 4200 feet of descending. The shot above is of our board room, you are gonna have to click on it to see anything worthwhile. Utah valley is visible on the left, Salt lake County is visible on the right and you can see steve in the far right corner making a phone call. We finished our meeting with Al Pastor tacos at El Mexiquenese

View Alpine Summit To Grove Creek in a larger map


Lately I have rediscovered sailing, more about that later. But I wanted to mention that the group that I have been sailing with the Park City Sailing Association is having an event for the kids this weekend. It is to introduce kids to sailing and talk about next year’s Jr. Sailing Program starting in 2010 for kids 7-15. Anybody interested should check it out. Sailing is a good thing and the Park City people involved are good people and there are some world class sailors too.
Here are the details:

WHAT: Jr. Sailing Demo Days - Free demo rides aboard Laser and Optimist dinghies. Learn about Junior Sailing
WHEN: Saturday, Sunday 8/22-23, 1-4pm Sunday with be a BBQ too.
WHERE: At the Jordanelle State Park, Utah, next to the Personal Watercraft Ramp
WHO: Everyone and anyone interested in the PCSA Jr. Sailing Program starting in 2010 for kids 7-15.
WHY: Kids LOVE sailing!

My kids and I will be there Saturday for sure (maybe Sunday too) we are bringing the skateboards, bikes, frisbees and we will be hanging on the water of course.
(photo: kid on Optimist, borrowed from random www)


Got a chance yesterday to shoot Mattias Giraud. He's a French Base Jumper and pro skier that is living in utah. We shot him jumping off some cliffs south of Heber. Pretty intense stuff to see in person. Mattias was a super good interview as well.



While in So. Cal. I got the chance to see Chris Cutri’s new film Hanging Five. It is a film about 5 artist that happen to surf. I was super inspired by the film and the artists. Chris did a great job in casting, filming and putting it together.
Chris film reminded me that I have some pretty strong urges in the art world. I love doing films about artists and have some serious unsatisfied artist urges in the visual arts realm. (photos: the screening in Encinitas, California and old piece of mine done with house paint, because I am thinking about getting the paint bush out again)


We just launched the new oi documentary services web site check it out and let us know what you think. Gracias.


I love the spirit of our friend Drew, I celebrate his passion.
I heard a random dude lately say:
Something like, "we all go about life...Playing, Working, and Loving, Loving being the most important"
Life is rich.
It is summer, take your kids outside.
Ride a bike.
Go to a body of water.
Peace to you all.


Steve got the best footage of the paintball match at camp, but he got worked in the process.


A new spot for Fuel TV. Shot in Idaho. Dedicated to all those ultra creative farm kids that I went to college with in Idaho. You gotta play! (we shot it with no voice over--that was added by Fuel, there are several versions with lots, medium and little to no voice over---this is one of the medium ones)


We just finished up the Woodward series in Central Pennsylvania. A week in New Jersey with Sean and 2 weeks at camp. It was fun and should be an entertaining show. Sean is an out of control wise guy. His mother told him that we was going "get your ass kicked" at camp because he never stops running his mouth. He did not really get beat up, but was put in a trash can 3 times (twice head first with the lid on!) should be good TV.


We are working on a great documentary series about Camp Woodward for Fuel TV. Tim did a pre-camp story in San Diego and I did a pre-camp story in New Jersey. Now we are at Camp Woodward filming Little Sean. (this photo: Sean in NYC at the Brooklyn Banks)