Yesterday a friend of the family, and world class artist V. Douglas Snow died in a car crash in Central Utah. Doug was a brilliant artist and respected by many. He was also super duped loved by his students when he taught at the University of Utah. I had always planned on spending time with Doug and doing an interview with him for the art world to archive, but I never made time for the interview. Lesson to me, if you feel like doing it, do it. Love people while we are here together---we all just one swerve of a car away from our final resting place. Rest in Peace Doug, you will be missed.

V. Douglas Snow


Natalie said...

My good friend happens to be your step-sister in law, Diania. And well, she forwarded me a link to this post.

Doug is actually my grandpa. Thanks for the lovely post. It's great to hear words of support from people that knew and loved him.

so said...

good to hear from you natalie
say hi to diania
and you grandpa was great guy and i have really grown to love his art over the last few years
and my favorite thing about doug was listening to him talk about art and why he did it.