Here is a quick web spot we did for GT bikes.
Love the vintage BMX footage.


When little Timmy Hall went to kindergarten the kids teased him and called him Fuzzy because of his big white fro. Now Fuzzy is in his late 30’s and is a legend in BMX. I met Fuzzy over 10 years ago and he really did change my life. We just finished a Fuel TV Firsthand on Fuzzy that premieres this Sunday. Check it out. We love you Fuzzy, you are the man.


We had a great time at Mammoth at the Roxy Chicken Jam.
It is a great event for women and always fun to shoot.
Sunday the event got canceled because of bad weather so all the camera crew, and producers went snowboarding, nice powder- great day.
Thanks for the good time Fuel people and freelance camera folks.