This is our sound guy, Ryan. We've been working with him for years, ever since the gt spot we did with jamie bestwick years ago. Ryan always brings something to the table and gives us a perspective on sound we might not have had going into a project. We just finished mixing the build spot with him on Thursday. Eric at flying spot is color timing the shots this week.


Here is another spot we did for Fuel TV in New York City in the Summer of 2006. Fun shoot, cool riders: Vinnie, Nigel, Ralphie and Mikey.


(Disclaimer: Non-documentary comment)
Last weekend my lady and I got to see a sneak preview of DAN IN REAL LIFE.
I won’t say much, but I strongly recommend it.
If you can get away without seeing the trailer---good.
It seems that with most movies the trailer is better than the movie, in this case the movie is much better than the trailer (and of course most trailers give away 90% of any surprises the movie may have to offer anyway)

We locked picture this week on the "build" spot we are doing for Fuel. Sound mix and final color this week. Should be on the air soon.



Steve and I have never really had a website for our company, other than this blog. Someone needed to see some of our work so we threw this page together. Hopefully in the future we will get a full site going. Hit us up with any feedback. Thanks.

The Fuel TV guys wanted steve to make some 5 and 10 sec. ids using the footage from freedom of space. Here's what we pulled together. We had some help from Julian on these ones too.


Monday night I went to Salt Lake to grab a quick interview with Brian Venable and Ben Nichols of the band Lucero for the Jawbreaker doc. They were super nice guys and gave a great interview. It was a bit of a funny situation though, the club they played at had 2 different venues inside and on this same night Interpol was playing the other side of the club and there were people EVERYWHERE. More importantly, there was super tight security and they were not allowing ANY cameras in the club. People with Cellphone cameras were getting denied entrance. So there was no way i was getting in with the HVX. Julian and I hung out outside and when Lucero was done playing, I called ben and explained and they came outside where we did the interview.


Had a very quick but very fun gig on sunday. Flew to San Francisco to shoot a quick interview with Annika Sorenstam for Oakley. It was mainly a Photo shoot but they wanted to ask her a few questions on hi def as well. The photographer was Jeff Newbury. It was an Honor to work with him. Very inspiring guy. He still does all his own dark room stuff. It was a lot of fun to watch him do his thing. Big thanks to James, Ryan, Pat, Kevin, Gianna, and all the oakley folks.


Here's a spot we did for Fuel last year. We interviewed Chris Woodage about his Photos and then we printed out a bunch and shot them in steves basement using a bolex. This was a fun one.


Spent the other day onlining the Zack Hilton New Pollution segment. I'm very stoked that we have everything we need for that kind of stuff in house. It was such a pain before to have to ship tapes to LA just to get them dubbed to Digibeta. We are totally self contained now, very few things that we need to go out of house for.

Sorry about the lack of posts, I was waiting for steve to make a post about his trip with fuzzy to the stephen murray jam, but I forgot that his digital camera is busted and being repaired. I'll try to pick up the slack while his camera is out.