As soon as Tim got done with Breckenridge I headed there for the Winter Dew Tour. I am very stoked on the Dew Tour. It was fun to check out the first Winter Dew event. I did a little shooting for the Weekly Update for Fuel TV. Thanks to Fuel TV for all the work. It was fun and very very cold. It is all good to see snowboarding but it was great to see free skiing get some coverage. (photos: in the tent before ski slopestyle and Kyle Smaine [we did a New pollution segment on him] in the Super pipe)


Oakley and Fuel TV have teamed up to do a week of the daily habit in Breckenridge, Colorado, and Matty from Oakley brought me along to shoot and edit some web spots about the event. You can check out the videos here There's also a video from the Russia trip on the same page. The photo is Pat Parnell, Gretchen Bleiler, and Matty Swanson.


Dave Boyle.
New to the oi family.
I didn’t know he was a brilliant filmmaker.
I thought he was just a kid that know how to use Final Cut Pro.
Dave just cut our Nigel Sylvester Firsthand in world record time.
Very very impressed.
Here is a trailer from one of his feature films.
He wrote, directed and acted in this movie.


one of the cool things about the Baja shoot was that we got to hang out with our boy Matt Jones. Matt worked at Fuel and we did a lot of New pollution segments for him while he was there. There we 6 of us shooting at Baja and we each had a Red One package. It was the first time I really got to shoot with one for more than just a few shots. It is a lot of camera to lug around without an assistant. We've used the Red on a few commercial spots, but we always had another operator, so it was cool to get real hands on time with one.