We have been filming this clown, Tyler Flanagan, in Mammoth California. He is an excellent snowboarder and a very funny kid. Today we took a break from snowboarding and shot a little “climbing” at Happy Boulders near Bishop. The day ended with Tyler and our host, Matt Beacham, playing Sting Pong. Tyler kept calling Matt “pretty boy” and they duked it out till they both were covered with red welts.


10 hour road trip.
Me and Tim.
Utah through Nevada (Ely and Hwy. 6) to Mammoth, CA.
Tim forgets sunglassses.
Tim 10 hours with goggles.
Good Mexican food in Ely.
Ice Cream in Bishop.
An easy quiet road trip.
Start shooting in the morning.


We have been having fun with the Kotsenburg Family in Park City. We are doing a New Pollution (Fuel TV) story on Blaze and Sage. They are amazing snowboarders and we have been filming them in the pipe and in the park at Park City Resort. This photo it (l to r) Sage, little sister Kirra, and Blaze.
Thanks Steve, Carol Ann, Blaze, Sage and Kirra.

Contest #3

Since it's winter time, the contest is for the best winter photographs. Top 2 photos will win an oi documentary t-shirt. Ok folks time for you lurkers to come out of the woodworks here. This one is possible for everyone, and doesn't require that you take a road trip on I-15. Steve and I will be on the road next week, when we get back we'll post a winner. Send entries to tim@oidocumentary.com


Steve and I tried to go see Mike whites new film Year of the Dog at the sundance screening room. We got there an hour and forty five minutes early and we were numbers 47 and 48 on the wait list. Didn't make it.

I did get to see Steve Berra's film the next day and I thought it was really good. The performances were outstanding.
Back when Dog on a Bike was ending and I was figuring out what I should do with my life, I started to pursue doing a Doc about Steve Berra. I emailed him cold and he actually emailed back and seemed at least open to hearing my ideas. That was very cool. Among other things he ended up having ankle surgery and didn't want to do a film about him not skating. I ended up starting the film about skateboard photographers, as well as We Jam Econo. Then shortly after that Steve and I made "a film about tj lavin" which officially started our company together.


Buffy, our only employee ever is leaving us for warmer digs. So we are looking for a new post production assistant. Skills required are: Knowledge of Final Cut Pro HD, Photoshop, DVD Studio Pro, Mac OS X. Panasonic P2 card workflow knowledge a plus. Hours would mostly be set by you. We will give you tasks and deadlines for the tasks, as long as you get it done in time, the times you work is up to you. Pay is negotiable but will start between $8 and $10 / hr. based on skill level. However you would have access to our entire post production suite for your personal projects. Tasks will include editing, dvd authoring, labeling, Shipping, and running general errands. We will be holding interviews on Jan 26th. email tim@oidocumentary.com and steve@oidocumentary.com to set up an appt.


the standerd

Two photographers that I have a huge ammount of respect for are sticking their necks out on this one. Josh Letchworth. and Joey Meddock have joined forces to create a quarterly book/journal to fill their vision of what wake skating and wakeboard photography should be. Check out their statements about it here. Definitely worth a subscription if you are photographically inclined.


Testing 1, 2, 3.
Could not post for a few days...anyway I think I fixed it...I just had to upgrade my junk!
This is a photo of David.
Tim and I had a photo contest in Italy.
Who could get the best shot of Dave without getting yelled at my the crazy Italian guard lady.
My favorite memory of the photo contest is of Tim taking stealth photos under his jacket.

We are finally finishing up the Burt silverman Documetary. Encoding and authoring this week. Sound Mix tomorrow. Should have the DLT wrapped up by Tues. This was the first longer form documentary we did with the HVX200. It performed admirably. The image itself is amazing. The tapeless workflow definitely takes some planning ahead. We ended up using an older g4 powerbook with a pcmcia slot to download the p2 cards to 2 different lacie drives. Then importing to final cut off of those drives to the media drives. Edit in DVCPROHD 720 24p. Used compressor to create a 24 frame m2v, dump that into dvdsp. Create menus/buttons, compress extras, Voila. Huge thanks to Rose on this project, She started out as the student intern, but she was so integral to the production that we gave her a directing credit. She did almost all of the heavy lifting portion of editing, many of the ideas came from her. Thanks to everyone that helped out on this one.


Praise to the man

MLK day. Not just a day off of work. At the Yerba Buena Gardens in SF, there's a section that acts as a tribute to him. Panels of his words underneath a waterfall. Some of them blew me away. I had never really read anything but the I have a dream speech. The ammount of vision he had at that time. Very inspiring stuff. I hope we can all dig around a bit to read some of his words this week. As I was digging around, it got a bit depressing that several web addresses bearing his name led to porn sites or even racist sites. May I suggest this one as a great spot to do some reading.

So after shooting Ben in Bend, we drove to portland to catch our flight, but.... Bad weather in SLC, flight canceled. So we were stuck in portland for an extra day. So we kicked around in portland for a bit. Went to powells and got 3 books.
the 9/11 report graphic novel
concrete to canvas
eight stories from the rest of the robots


Alan Watts
Mount Bachelor, Oregon
We just finished the Ben Watts' story for “New Pollution” on Fuel TV.
One thing that all these kids have in common is they have very supportive parents. Ben’s mom is super cool and works hard to take care of the family and Ben’s dad is his school teacher, and pretty much full-time snowboarding manager on the local mountain and when he travels. It is cool to see parents give everything for their kids. In the interview his dad said Ben was his hero, his mom said she was inspired by Ben’s creativity when he rides.


I was in SoCal a few weeks ago and came across this. R.I.P.


This is what you find at a typical Utah ranch exit.


Spent some holiday time working on the Jawbreaker doc. Blake teaches at hunter College in NYC, so we had to take advantage of the time off he had during the holidays. He and Adam spent a day with us, wandering around their old haunts from their SoCal days. Here they are at their old high school.
Polar Bear Swim
Price’s Peace Pond
My friend, Matt Packard, and I stated this tradition in the year 2000. It is a great way to start the year with the neighbors. This is the first year my kids joined me. After the swim we drink hot chocolate and tell story around the fire pit. Now we are ready for 07. Thanks to Gary and Lenea Price for sharing their ice cold spring fed pond. Happy New Year Everybody.