We are finally finishing up the Burt silverman Documetary. Encoding and authoring this week. Sound Mix tomorrow. Should have the DLT wrapped up by Tues. This was the first longer form documentary we did with the HVX200. It performed admirably. The image itself is amazing. The tapeless workflow definitely takes some planning ahead. We ended up using an older g4 powerbook with a pcmcia slot to download the p2 cards to 2 different lacie drives. Then importing to final cut off of those drives to the media drives. Edit in DVCPROHD 720 24p. Used compressor to create a 24 frame m2v, dump that into dvdsp. Create menus/buttons, compress extras, Voila. Huge thanks to Rose on this project, She started out as the student intern, but she was so integral to the production that we gave her a directing credit. She did almost all of the heavy lifting portion of editing, many of the ideas came from her. Thanks to everyone that helped out on this one.

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