Steve and I tried to go see Mike whites new film Year of the Dog at the sundance screening room. We got there an hour and forty five minutes early and we were numbers 47 and 48 on the wait list. Didn't make it.

I did get to see Steve Berra's film the next day and I thought it was really good. The performances were outstanding.
Back when Dog on a Bike was ending and I was figuring out what I should do with my life, I started to pursue doing a Doc about Steve Berra. I emailed him cold and he actually emailed back and seemed at least open to hearing my ideas. That was very cool. Among other things he ended up having ankle surgery and didn't want to do a film about him not skating. I ended up starting the film about skateboard photographers, as well as We Jam Econo. Then shortly after that Steve and I made "a film about tj lavin" which officially started our company together.


r-fresh said...

Steve is a talented guy. A Nebraskan as well. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Nebraska electro/punk/new wave band "The Faint," but Berra collaborated with Joel from the Faint on a great project a couple years ago doing video projections for what became a great band "Broken Spindles."I was pretty blown away each time I caught the show.

Go Nebraska.

p.s. how you guys been?

ti said...


I didn't know he was from Nebraska, but i had figured on some midwest area. Makes sense though cuz The film took place in Nebraska. You'll have to catch the film when you get a chance....wait.... are you still in Prague? All is good on this end, how 'bout you?