We are now at Camp Woodward and we are producing the BMX segment of the Camp Woodward TV show for Fuel TV. We are shooting Chad Kerley, he is a cool kid and an amazing bike rider.


That's alex.  He is a total ripper.  11 yrs old.  I hung out with him for a week doing the home part of the camp woodward show.  We are on season 4 this year.  Once i got to camp i turned alex over to two other filmers and met up with steve to shoot BMXer Chad Kerly for the two weeks we are at camp.  More on Chad later.


Lot of film projects going on but tonight heading up to sail at the Tuesday night racing series with Park City Laser people.
(mental heath day)


Shooting with the legendary Ethan Vincent in Colorado. Shooting for legendary LEGO. Had a brilliant Indian food dinner in Boulder, after dinner ran into hundred of kids on bikes screaming "Happy Thursday" it was lovely.