I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM Bikes Trailer from BAD BREAKS on Vimeo.

My Friend Joe Stakun is finishing up a doc about FBM. Check out the trailer. There's also an ESPN article here.Nice work Joe.

to everyone that helped out with the Seve Vs. Evan shoot. It turned out great. We got ton of excellent footage and all on one day. Also super big thanks to Severin and Evan for letting us film you guys.


You can check out the Firsthand we did on NYC's Nigel Sylvester on Hulu all 25 minutes. Shot last fall in New York City and Barcelona.


We are doing a little experimental documentary about a local band called Seve Vs. Evan. We shooting for 24 hours and we are all working for free. If anybody in the Provo area wants to join in the fun let me know. He need people with Panasonic HVX 200s and it would be nice to have a still photographer. It all goes down this Friday. I am calling it a freestyle documentary, no rules nonfiction film that celebrates the souls of 2 musicians trying to make something happen. They are very original and worth celebrating. The band is a keyboard guy and a drummer, that is it. They play at the Velour in Provo this Friday the 24th of April.


Had fun at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California this last weekend. Good times. Good to see Mick Hannah win Downhill and loved watching Todd Wells win short coarse cross country. Photo: Emily Batty of Trek, she won short course cross country (snapshot on the long course)


Hanging Five Trailer from Stakedance on Vimeo.
Our Friend Chris Cutri is finishing up a film he's been working on called Hang Five. Here's the trailer. Good stuff.


Got a gig shooting bucky lasek out at the miller raceway in tooele. It was bucky's first official road race. He's keeping a website tracking his progress as he tries to make his way into professional racing.