We've been shooting the first of 3 Skate spots for FUELtv. Workin with lots of cool SLC and Utah County Skaters. We've been shooting on 16mm with a High speed Arri SR3. It's crazy how cumbersome this camera feels after being spoiled with the hvx-200. But unfortunately, the HVX doesn't cranck up to 150 frames per second. Maybe the "mini red" will help us out with that in a year or 2.


Our boy Kent Carter from SF is doing some music for us for another skate spot we are doing for Fuel. Today he recorded cello with Sam Bass. This weekend we have a high speed Arri SR3 to shoot a bunch of street skaters in Salt Lake City.
(photo: sam bass with cello not bass, to see his eyes click on his link)


We just started a “Firsthand” (mini biography---diary style) for Fuel TV of Fuzzy Hall. Fuzzy is a legend, role model and super positive guy. It is always fun to be with and film Fuzzy.


We Jam Econo on the Sundance Channel

WJE was picked up by the sundance channel and will have it's first airing tomorrow (monday) night at 9:00PM EST as part of the channels DOCDAY programming. They've got a little page up on their site about the film and it's currently scheduled air dates.


Big O, Jeff and all:
This were we want to build the ramp for the Fuel Skate spot.
Big O why don’t you come and help on the shoot...?
(click on shots to see them bigger)


On the day we left for sea otter, we had a quick gig to shoot with decker for a couple hours. He's doin a life sized sculpture of elvis on a motorcycle that will end up at Graceland. We covered the early stage of this process as jeff has a model sit on the bike in different poses and clothes to help narrow down what form the sculpture will take.


Sea Otter Day 4
Downhill and...
Sea Otter day 3
Wind, rain, mud, dual slalom, short course cross country.


Day 2 Sea Otter
We did more interviews today. We interviewed Brian Lopes. He is an amazing rider and it is fun to watch him race and win. He has a million titles including several world championships. In this photo he is working on his brakes on his dual slalom bike.


We are at the Sea Otter Classic bike race in Monterey California for the next 4 days. It is always a good way to start spring. This photo the cross country guys: foreground Burry Stander from South Africa---background Todd Wells from Durango, Colorado. Todd was in the Olympics in Athens.


On Tuesday night my favorite author passed away. His words have a stark honesty to them that are often tragic and comedic at the same time. His books are amazing and worth your time to read, but I hope that you will take 5 minutes and read his essay
"cold turkey".

Kurt Vonnegut is dead, long live Kurt Vonnegut.


nothing party photos

more nothing photos

photos from the "nothing to say" party


The "Nothing to Say" show was super fun.
More photos to come for now a quick 30 second point and shoot video of Severin Bozung rocking the piano.


My next task is sorting and organizing these 26 external drives. That's about 10.5 TeraBytes worth. It's a mix of DV, DV50, Uncompressed SD, and DVCPROHD. I'm guessing somewhere around 500 hours worth of stuff.