We didn't have anything to do with this. But it's cool stuff.


OK, a bit of a welcome change. I am directing a 5 part TV series about the College of Fine Arts and Communications at the university I graduated from, byu. It is a behind the scene show about kids doing art and the like. I will be shooting till Christmas. I am shooting the play "The Diary of Anne Frank," going to China with the chamber orchestra, doing a modern dance program that will take us to a Frank Llyod Wright building in Arizona, doing a printmaking exchange with art students at the University of Hawaii, going to New York City with some ad students that may turn into a Paris trip and a handful of other projects yet to be determined. I love exploring the creative process and I like having an artistic view of the world. I believe that being an artist is about what you put out into the world and just as much about how you take the world in. I will be doing other gigs too but this will be my main project for a while. Peace.


I've been shooting with my boy justin stephens for the last 4 days.  3 moto dudes for a 30 second oakley tv spot that will run during supercross races.  Jack blodgett killed it for us by dialing it all in.  we had a high reach at every location.  Super stoked on the shoot!

Shot with bubba stewart yesterday.  His compound was amazing! 


Shooting ryan villopoto mx today


Things change.
I love doing sports stuff but by work has been swinging towards the art world these days.
The Tongan with a bird on his shoulder, the bread girl that writes on her bread... well it was magic day of art that I don't need to explain.
Thanks to all that were there.


I've been in west palm beach shooting Rory McIllroy, Ian Poulter, and Ricky Barnes for Oakley.  We did 11 short videos while i was here.  They will trickle out over the next few days of the Honda Classic PGA tournament.  This is the first one.