OK, a bit of a welcome change. I am directing a 5 part TV series about the College of Fine Arts and Communications at the university I graduated from, byu. It is a behind the scene show about kids doing art and the like. I will be shooting till Christmas. I am shooting the play "The Diary of Anne Frank," going to China with the chamber orchestra, doing a modern dance program that will take us to a Frank Llyod Wright building in Arizona, doing a printmaking exchange with art students at the University of Hawaii, going to New York City with some ad students that may turn into a Paris trip and a handful of other projects yet to be determined. I love exploring the creative process and I like having an artistic view of the world. I believe that being an artist is about what you put out into the world and just as much about how you take the world in. I will be doing other gigs too but this will be my main project for a while. Peace.


Ro Ro Riot said...

Is this why you were down on campus that day? This sounds like a huge and really cool project. Wish I was working for you again, ha ha. Good luck with everything!

so said...

it would be great to have you Ro Ro
you were brilliant on our last art doc!