While doing these segments for the new pollution show, we get to meet a lot of cool parents. Zach's folks were no exception, Ron is a DJ at a rocket 101, Val is a hairdresser, both are very stoked on zach's skating. Lara and Ray Kinney are another set of cool parents we met this trip. They built a mini skatepark in their attic for the kids to use during the crazy winter months here in PA. The setup is rad, a couple 1/4 pipes at each end, couch at the top of one, and the stairway up to the attic serves as a little ollie gap, this photo is of zach ollieing the gap on a 70's banana board. Makes me wish I had an attic.


We are in Erie, Pennsylvania doing a New Pollution segment on 11 year old skateboarder Zack Hickoff for Fuel TV. We spent the day in the country horsing around, the highlight being everybody jumping off bridge 18 into a river that looked like Wonka’s chocolate river. (photos-Zack and the Kinney boys and Zack and the host Matt Beacham) Thanks Ron, Val, Ray and Lara (the super cool mega hip parents) and the Amish food was good.


Blake and I in the studio last weekend.


Jawbreaker Doc update

Spent the Weekend in SF. We flew out Chris and Blake and shot them going through some of the old masters in a studio. Billy Anderson came in as well and offered his insight into many of the songs. It was fantastic to have all three guys in the same room because each would fill in details that were left out by the others. A really great dynamic was going on. Huge thanks to sean, scott augustus, the band, and billy. A really productive weekend of shooting. More photos to follow.


This weekend I swam in the Deer Creek Open Water Swim Marathon. I have never swam 10 kilometers. Everything was perfect. The water temp was so refreshing, 3 hours in the lake with no wet suit. Thanks to Jim for organizing the swim/race. I plan on making this a summer tradition and even working with Jim to help next year. So mark your calendar and do it with me next year August 9th I think Jim said. A super big thanks to Jason for paddling my support boat and snapping photos.


New Pollution Season 2

Steve is back from euro land and our first gig back together is under way. We started shooting the 2nd season of New pollution today. Mitch is the first of 4 segments we'll do this year. Mitch is an all around bike guy, mountain biking, bmx racing, trails flowing and skate park riding. Thanks to both matts, and all the NP crew for bringing us back for another year.


Here is a 20 second version of a 30 second Fuel TV BMX Spot we did last year with Fuzzy and Mike Aitken.
Fuzzy is a legend and it is an honor to work with him.


Here is a spot that Tim and I did for Fuel TV.
It was good fun.
Got to work with:
The folks at Fuel TV.
Kent Carter for music.
Some cool skaters.
Todd D. the graphic king.
Thanks Jake, Todd, and Big O.
(Big O. I owe you a burrito for this one.)


Today is my first day in office after 2 months in Europe. It was great to have some serious time with the family, rethink everything; family, work and everything in-between. August is full of projects.
(this photo is from a world cup mountain bike race in Schladming, Austria)