This weekend I swam in the Deer Creek Open Water Swim Marathon. I have never swam 10 kilometers. Everything was perfect. The water temp was so refreshing, 3 hours in the lake with no wet suit. Thanks to Jim for organizing the swim/race. I plan on making this a summer tradition and even working with Jim to help next year. So mark your calendar and do it with me next year August 9th I think Jim said. A super big thanks to Jason for paddling my support boat and snapping photos.


Anonymous said...

I also swam at Deer Creek. It was my first 5k. Took me 3 hours, but it was a good experience. Everyone should give a swim like this a try.

Tim Heumann

so said...

I remember you Tim---
it was fun
good experience
see you next year
we will all be faster next year

cassandra said...

WOW you rauk SO! Glad your like is full of good stuff. Hugs...