We finished up with Burt at his Manhattan home/studio then Tim flew home to complete the Nacho Libre DVD special features and I stayed in NYC to do a few BMX spots for Fuel TV.


Rod, the New York Cinematographer, thanks for letting us stay in your NYC apartment for the week.
Terry and Matt
This is the place. Cherry Hill Road in Central Park. A nice Euro-style fountain with a black top road around it and the New York City skyline in the background. It is going to look good. See you tomorrow...


My favorite Burt Silverman painting.


Shari and Cherries.
Sunny--- we met your sister in New York.
She is super cool and fun to hangout with.


Best Party ever. As the sun was setting over the pond we had a feed then Burt got out his guitar and played Irish folk songs till late.


Today we started shooting for the Burt Silverman Documentary. Very cool to watch Burt giving his students somes words of wisdom. We have been eating good food here too.


Tim and I are working on a documentary about Burton Silverman. We will film in the Hudson Valley in New York and in New York City. This is a painting of Burt's called RIDER, 1981.oil,60 x 42 inches.

Mo Moorman.
Mo we had a good time with you in Chicago.


Just saw this,
had to get it,
a double DVD of 150 short videos.

4th of July weekend.
Swim, ride, play with trucks.