We finished up with Burt at his Manhattan home/studio then Tim flew home to complete the Nacho Libre DVD special features and I stayed in NYC to do a few BMX spots for Fuel TV.


r-fresh said...

You guys sound like you have a lot of fun.

highdesertsultan said...

ok, so i'm kinda drunk, but i just got hiome and am blogging for myself due to a recent inspirational conversation over beers. i saw yer blog on goodproblem and am stoked you have some footy of your movie premire in NE. (even if it was a long time ago for you) ya see, i am a long tome friend/ neighbor of the wilkins' and a 2 year bro in law ta'boot of their beautiful sister katie. i don't get to lincoln much, but for some reaon i eat all of the NE shit up. i guess it makes me feel like i was there. i saw all the stuff from kev's blog and another guy, but you have MORE, and it is good my friend, ....oh yes, it's good.