This is 30 seconds of Drew's show from Friday shot on my digital point and shoot still camera---I am a YouTube novice.


Saw a Drew Danburry show this weekend. He is fun to watch live. Lots of energy and full of emotion. He is a touring machine. He just did a Europe tour, then all over the East Coast now he is on his way to the Pacific Northwest and then...? He told me he has been touring without a cell phone or car. Wow I say Drew is the minimal magic man. (if I ever did a narrative film, I think Drew would have to be the star)


We had a lot of fun shooting some wacky scenarios for the Mongoose commercial. It's definitely very different than anything we've done before. Here's a screen grab of one of the scenes. Huge thanks to Julian, Coy, Gibb, and all the talent we worked with.


Progress on the Jawbreaker doc. Spent Last weekend in SF rolling around town with Adam as he let us in on the history and the spots of importance in the mission. Adam had a little blurb about it at punknews.org We are shooting the Mongoose commercial this week, Then I head to NYC to get some camera time with Blake this weekend.


“We Film Econo”
Hi local people. Tim and I are giving a lecture at the Museum of Art auditorium for the byu film department. It will be on Thursday 15th at 11:00am. We will be showing clips, chatting and doing Q & A junk. We will talk about being documentary filmmakers and the work we have done with artists, musicians, athletes and the brilliant ordinary folks that we have filmed over the years. Come watch the show, we will eat tacos afterward.


TO BE or NOT TO BE---Monument Valley
Going through some old photos for my photo-of-the-day blog "Nothing to Say" I came across this photo from a documentary I worked on with Shakespearean actor/guru Gary Armagnac. We made an hour PBS documentary about a group of traveling Shakespearean actors doing Hamlet to high school kids. It was a super fun project and important to me for many reasons, before this project I was a serious film snob. We shot this project on mini dv and it changed the way I look at documentary filmmaking. I still shoot film, but with mini DV and now with the new Panasonic HVX (small high def camera) I even shoot less film.
Anyway thanks to Gary, Marcy Brown, Rusty Jones, and all the actors, it was a cool project to be involved in.