Got a new tool in the mail today


Merry Christmas from my people to yours.
Steve O.


Tim and I both have a few days off so it looks like we are both deep into spring cleaning. Here a scan of a screen grab from our colorist in Seattle, Eric Rosen. These are kids from Mexico City that were extras in the Jack Black/Jared Hess adventure. That was one funnest documentary projects we ever worked on.
Big thanks to Tim for helping me set up my new computer. This is the view from my new office in Midway, I will be back to working out of the house, very happy about that, it feels right. I just had 2 edit jobs, first edit jobs in years. Things are looking good for Tim and I, the calendar is filling up with cool documentary projects. Life is good.
Peace to all.


More film.
My backyard, 2007


More films scans.
Colin Provost, New Zeland, 2009


more old film scans
Collin Provost
360 flip in front of the sydney olympic stadium. 2008
Taken with a disposable panoramic camera.
That thing in the lower right corner is the viewfinder
from the red camera we were shooting on.


More old film.
Jack and Hector.  Oxaca Mexico, 2005


I've been going through some old negatives i've got.  Here's a shot of David law on the road out to the salt flats.  Taken during the  "scenic route"  shoot.