Okay Utah People!
The second annual Deer Creek Open Water Swim is a little more than a month away. This year they have added a massive 10 mile swim and a very doable one mile swim. I did the 10K last year and it was a good time. Come swim with me and if you don’t want to swim maybe someone needs a kayaker. Look they put me on the poster, cool.


The Trifecta Wiffleball said...

Cousin! I may be doing the lil 1 mile swim this year. I'm a beginner but my endurance is getting stronger pretty fast.

When you come into town let me know. I think I know where the best taco truck in LA is parked.

Tell me you're going to Fillmore July 12th, please. I'd love to see your family at the ole reunion.

so said...

is this the ms. c from wa?

Mr Sansom said...

so, if i bring a small inflatable raft will you pull me when i can go no further?

so said...

yes of course!

Gords said...

Hey Steve - I'll see you there. Should be lots of fun!