This is Shonka. I met Shonka years ago on one of the Liquid Force/ Lake Powell Shoots. I just remember that he was super hungry to learn everything he could about film making, he was asking me questions all week about shooting 16mm and documentary style film making. I was inspired by his unique combination of tenacity and kindness.
Fast forward a few years and Shonka is working at oakley and he gives me a call out of the blue to ask if I want to go to Bali to shoot some stuff for them. Tons of other oakley gigs have followed. I finally got to work with him in person again at the hood shoot last week. Huge thanks Shonka!
The shot is a frame grab from a shot I took of him on a RED one.

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Mr Sansom said...

sweet story! i love how life will just throw you little surprises like that. How was the RED one?