Alusa / Fidalis Art Project Session #3 from Solpin Films on Vimeo.

Video #3 in the Alusa/ Fidalis art project. I will have to admit that I was influenced by TIm’s post yesterday on Ranch Exit and I had to use some Jazz music and make a painting montage. Also I have been doing so much documentation of Paul and Fidalis’ painting together, I though I better give them a little space. We let them paint alone without cameras and when we returned to Fidalis’ studio they were on the floor painting listen to some jazz. There was a peaceful creative spirit in the room. Thanks Fidalis for sharing your time and yourself with Paul.


MasterLefty said...

Thank you Steve! We will be reading you Blog often!
Teri & Clark

so said...

clark and teri
good to see you
i went and had a chuck wagon brownie

ChrisC said...

So good