Day 4 of riding in Russia and we finally got a break, it's been super warm and sketchy avalanche conditions, things got better and we were allowed to hike to this spot with a guide. It was a bit nervous for me, my first time hiking that far out. But we got some good shots and had a great ride down.


Mr Sansom said...

Glad to see you made it okay. That has got to be a fun shoot. Looks like wonderful conditions, for the moment. What's the elevations there?

JoJosho said...
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McMarkle said...

Wow those mountains look amazing. Did you get to board at all there in Russia? That would be so hard to see all that perfect snow/mountain and not get to ride. Unless of course its as steep as it looks in which case it might be too gnarly to be tempting.

ti said...

Yeah, i got to go down after filming, I Had two runs during the trip that rank in the top 10 of my life. I felt pretty lucky to be apart of it. The elevation at that peak was about 2500 meters.

McMarkle said...

If you go to Russia again and want to know a few phrases here is how to do it.

"Previet" = hello (pray-vee-ette)

"Mena zavut" = my name is (main-ya za-voot)

"Kac Vac Zavut" = what is your name (cock vock za-voot)

ti said...

Here's a couple that we used on the trip, (i don't know how to spell them, only say them)

yellowbluebus = I love you all

spicey buh = Thank you