We just got back from a New Pollution shoot in Chicago.
The kid was brilliant, CJ an 11 year old skateboarder.
Funny cool kid and a great skater.
Chicago a super cool city.
Warp Skatepark a great park and the owner Rob rules.
But as usual with New Pollution shoots we get to meet a cool family with super supportive partents.
The Mom super cool and sweet.
The sister, a cool kid, a snowboarder.
Okay let’s talk about the dad, Joe Kelly.
An old punk rocker, skater, funny man, former member of the band
Minisrty and all around cool guy.
He drove us around for 4 days, told us 6,000 funny stories, showered us with gifts, and just kept us smiling.
Joe is bit of a Chicago legend and his current band “Beer Nuts” is a cult favorite party band.
Joe gave us a CD now I can’t get “Woke up tied up to the radiator” out of my head.

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