Last year I did some editing for a film by Chris Cutri. It was about the over-commercialization of surf culture. It's a tricky topic to be sure. You can substitute the surf culture with skate culture, punk rock, or any subculture, with time and market forces at work, there's no stopping the co-opting of these things. I tend to take the perspective of Mike watt when he said, "people are always asking me 'What do you think of this new pop punk?' ...I don't hold it against people, everyone can't be born at the same time...The real question is what is to be done where your at, and how are you gonna do it?" The DVD is now available at the website. There's a trailer on Youtube.


bh said...

This is really interesting to me. I am one of the guys who wakes up in the morning and wears the "uniform" of a surfer. Am I a diehard surfer? No. Does it have a lot to do with where I live/was raised? Yes. Maybe I'm part of the problem.

Is the surfers uniform really much different than the hip-hop guy's uniform? Or the young professional's uniform? Are all the guys who don those uniforms talented lyricists or extra savy businessmen? Probably not.

Like you said, you can make this argument with just about any group of people; I just have a feeling that surfing was way more fun to make a movie about!

End of rant; look forward to seeing the film.

PS-Just watched "Econo" again...Good stuff...When's the Jawbreaker movie due?

ti said...

Great comments bh, uniforms are an interesting thing that I have a big aversion to, mostly cuz i went to private school as a kid (3rd -8th grd) navy cords and white collared shirts. , Then the whole Boy Scout thing, and pile on the white shirt an tie church stuff.

Thanks for the kind words about econo, Jawbreaker will be done by the end of the year.