Sunday morning I got a message from our friend Joey Lynch. Joey is an artist we met in Lincoln, Nebraska while shooting skateboarding, anyway Joey said he was on tour with Bright Eyes and he could get us tickets. I am a fan of Bright Eyes so I said Yes, please, thank you very much Joey. Anyway it took a while to figure out why Joey was on tour with Bright Eyes. We hooked up with Joey before the show and told us he was doing the artwork that would projected on screen behind the musicians. The show was amazing and Joey’s work was brilliant. He projected candles, colored fur balls, 16 mm film prints, flowers, colored wires, food coloring, his art work, and he drew with markers while Conor Oberst was singing his heart out. The projection was not just pictures in the background it was huge and magnified the mood of the music. It also doubled as the spotlight on the musicians. It was one of the best shows I have seen in years, and it was excellent to see Joey at work.
Thanks Joey for the hook up.


nic said...

sounds awesome! congrats, joey (and oi for the hook-up) :)

r-fresh said...


so said...

nebraska rules and all the folks we met there are rad.